Li River Bamboo Rafting

Li River bamboo rafting in the Yangshuo area is an incredibly rewarding and relaxing way to explore the river area and tributaries. Rafters will get a chance to discover the landscape surrounding the Li and Yulong River banks, the countryside, and the karst hills the for which the region is famous. There are several possible starting points along the river with rafting excursions lasting anywhere from a half hour to up to five hours.

The relaxing part of Li River bamboo rafting comes with the speed of the ride itself; a guide steers rafters gently along the river path and across several channels, allowing perfectly long views of rural scenery to etch into the mind’s eye. Rafting is an ideal way to enjoy a lazy afternoon while affording one of two idyllic ways in which to take in all the scenic landscapes; bamboo river rafting and climbing the karst hills are both excellent ways to see Yangshuo, offering two important perspectives.

Li River bamboo rafting is often done between Yangshuo and Guilin and can also be combined with either cycling or climbing tours, or both. Hiring an independent guide (as opposed to group tours), rafters call the shots on when and where, enjoying the ability to stop at almost any given point that the raft can be moored to get off and climb a certain hill, like Moon or Green Lotus Hill, or cycle from the banks to see some of the sites a little closer (rafts have plenty of room to take bikes aboard).The scenery is dramatic, unfolding during the tranquil journey. Massive peaks of the karst hills come into view, one after another, revealing ancient formations in all types of shapes.

Rafting is possible along both the Yulong and Li River, with dozens of miles to be explored. There are several rafting lines to choose between. From the main bus station in Yangshuo, near West Street, tourists can hop a bus to nearby Jinbao. The departure point is Jinlong Qiao. From there, rafts journey to Gongnong Qiao and/or Xiatang Zhai.

China’s 20 Yuan currency note features an image of Xingping, another possible location to explore during Li River bamboo rafting trips with the possibility of traveling further on to Nine Horse Dragon Hill. A longer trip still would be a trip that includes visits to several popular bridges and also a stop at Guiyi Old Town. Depending on water levels, the journey lasts about 3-6 hours. Beautiful countryside, ancient towns, and historic villages are all part of these tours.

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