Beijing Day Trip

For most westerners, Beijing day trips are an endless treasure, revealing incredible art, history and culture around every corner. Planning Beijing day tours and Beijing trips for anyone who has not spent time in China can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but the informed traveler should have no trouble creating the ideal vacation and day trip in Beijing.

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is also known as the Palace Museum, and it is a good idea to try and arrive early, ideally when the gates open at 8:30 a.m. Since this is one of the more popular attractions in all of Beijing, you will encounter plenty of crowds if you arrive during peak hours. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, this palace was the center of the city and continues to stand as a symbol of Imperial China at its height. The area has, incredibly, remained largely untouched and is a fascinating place for a Beijing Day trip. The Summer Palace of the Qing emperors is also located here in the Forbidden City and worth a stop on your Beijing day tour if you are looking for a little more quiet. The seclusion of the gardens of the Summer Palace is a relaxing break from the crowds.

Tiananmen Square

Your Beijing trip to the largest square in the world can be combined with a trip to the Forbidden City or enjoyed as its own Beijing day trip, depending on the time you would like to spend at each location. The square is located near the Forbidden City, by design as an answer from one regime era to another. The Mao mausoleum is located at the end of the square (opposite the entrance to the Forbidden City). All around the square are government buildings and monuments. After visiting Tiananmen Square, continue your Beijing day tour by heading to the Temple of Heaven. The Temple of Heaven is surrounded by one of the best parks in Beijing and is a great place to picnic or simply spend the afternoon people watching, which will not disappoint.

Great Wall of China

No Beijing trip is complete without a day spent touring the Great Wall of China. The wall is actually located about ninety minutes from the city, and there are two sections of the wall that have been restored in order to allow tourists to walk on them. Most travelers choose to take a bus tour to the wall, and it is advised that travelers be on the lookout for bus scams that may not actually take travelers all the way to the wall. A good rule of thumb is to avoid paying until you get off the bus, rather than when you get on. An entire day can be devoted to travel to and viewing of the Great Wall.

Beijing Botanical Garden and Fragrant Hill

A day trip in Beijing to the Botanical Garden is a great place for an outing on a day when the weather is nice. A silent retreat referred to as Cherry Glen is located at the Botanical Garden, as well as a host of interesting native flora. Fragrant Hill is located nearby, and was once a Qing imperial garden but was burnt to the ground in 1860. Some excellent hikes with rewarding views of the surrounding area can be enjoyed at Fragrant Hill, still a popular day trip in Beijing among tourists and locals.

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