Suggested Itineraries Beijing

One of the most difficult choices travelers to China must make is where to go and what to see. The country is immense, mind-bogglingly so. It would take even the most efficient tourists a handful of weeks to even scratch the surface of the nation's numerous wonders; the easiest way is to choose the specific regions and move from there. Suggested Itineraries Beijing has some locations that are prerequisites on any Beijing Itinerary, so we should start there.

Suggested Itinerary For Beijing

Beijing Suggested Itineraries 1-3 Days

The capital city has a glut of tourist attractions; if possible, you should really plan for at least 5 days here, especially if this is the initial city on your of China. But time is often of the essence and a three day trip should include the tourist mainstays: the Forbidden City , the Imperial Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven , the Lama Temple , Tiananmen Square and the pandas at the Beijing Zoo should be enough to fill out your short time here.

4-7 Days

This will give you the perfect amount of time to expand on the previous entry; any longer suggested itinerary for Beijing should be stretched to include the Fragrant Hills Park, White Cloud Temple, Marco Polo Bridge and a short walking tour of the amiable alleyways of Hutong, where getting lost is half the fun.

7+ Days

Though the city has many sights, most are centrally located and can even be reached on bicycle if you have the strength of will and patience to circumnavigate the crowds. A bike tour can be a endlessly exciting addition to any suggested itinerary for Beijing.

And these three are a few of the Beijing Itineraries possible. If you have 4-5 weeks to spend in China, you can safely explore plenty of other areas also, from Tibet to the Terra Cotta Warriors of Xi"an. And who could avoid a trip to the Great Wall or to the turgid waters of the Yangtze river?

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