Oakwood Gold Arch Residence, Canton

Oakwood Gold Arch Residence

District 3, Er Sha Island, Dong Shan District

Oakwood Gold Arch Residence is located on Guangzhous's fashionable and newly developed Er Sha Island, noted for its wide boulevards, cultural attractions and upscale residences. Er Sha Island is located close to shopping plazas and Guangzhou's business districts and is only 20 minute drive to the Canton Trade Fair, formally known as Guangzhou Export Commodity Fair. Oakwood Gold Arch Residence offers more than 150 bright and spacious apartments. There is a health center, a clubhouse, a restaurant and a convenient store on site. As a refreshing alternative to monochromatic standard hotel rooms, Oakwood offers, for the duration of the Canton Trade Fair, tastefully furnished 3-bedroom apartments with flexible leasing term for daily and weekly rates and packages. These packages are specially tailored to meet the accommodation needs of your trade delegation.