Hong Kong Central Market

Central Market - Hong Kong
Central Market - Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Central Market is one of the metropolis’ oldest and most significant landmarks. Central Market is known historically as Hong Kong’s first wet market. In Asia, a wet food market is a fresh food market, and it is called "wet" because of amount of water used for washing the floors and keeping fruits, vegetables, and fish fresh. When it was constructed over 70 years ago, it was one of the most modern and forward-looking markets, boasting Hong Kong’s first public female toilet and its first above-ground bathrooms. The Bauhaus-style building was completed in 1938 and its four stories contained one of the largest and most famous meat markets in Asia, as well as stalls for vegetables, flowers, tailors, local snacks, and more.

Today, the  Hong Kong Central Market stands in the middle of the hyper-modern Central financial district and is one of the landmarks of the Soho (South Hollywood) area.  It is connected to the International Finance Center (IFC) and Exchange Square via a modern elevated pedestrian walkway system. Close by, the longest outdoor escalator in the world transports locals and tourists to and from some of the hippest restaurants and boutiques in the city. Currently, the Central Market building itself is mostly empty and no longer houses a flourishing wet market. However, there are plans afoot to revitalize the historic structure and to fill it again with local produce and food stalls. Funds of about $64 million USD have been earmarked for the project. Already, some stalls in the market have reopened, and locals hope that the revitalization project will help make Central Market a vibrant hub for the community, providing one of the many things to do in Hong Kong, just as it was in the past.

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