Hangzhou Hotels

Hangzhou hotels are easy to find, whether you’re looking for luxury, five-star accommodation or budget lodgings. It’s not so easy, however, to find cheap hotels in Hangzhou near the West Lake, known as the city’s foremost attraction. However, if you do your research and book ahead, you’re bound to have your of choice of hotels near the lakeside, with a stunning view of the mountains and historical monuments surrounding the water. And if you’re not fussed about a lakeside view, there are plenty of great Hangzhou accommodations close to the many other sights this major city has to offer, such as the National Silk Museum, or National Tea Museum.

If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Hangzhou in the West Lake area, look no further than the Lily Hotel. On 45 Shuguang Road, this mid-range hotel is a reasonable fifteen-minute walk from the lake, and offers 155 rooms at reasonable prices. An authentic Chinese restaurant in the hotel serves Hangzhou dishes, while the Banquet Hall serves up a lavish feast for special occasions or groups. An entertainment center, salon, and swimming pool add to the feeling that you are getting good value for money.

The Orange Hotel, on Wulin Square, is one of the most popular cheap hotels in Hangzhou with visitors who want to cycle around the lake, as it rents out bikes from the premises. It is also a fifteen-minute walk away from downtown Hangzhou, so this mid-range hotel is ideally placed for those who are not only drawn to the beauty of the lake, but also want to easily access the cultural attractions in the center of the town, such as the National Tea Museum and the National Silk Museum.

If you’re looking for luxury Hangzhou hotels, you may want to check into the Friendship Hotel Hangzhou. Located in the West Lake area, on 53, Pinghai Road, the Friendship Hotel Hangzhou is located in the central business district of the city, just a few steps away from the lake. There are over 230 rooms, many of which boast panoramic views of the lake itself. A beauty salon, gym, health club, hairdresser, flower shop, and babysitting service make the Friendship Hotel Hangzhou one of the most comfortable places to stay in the city, as everything you’ll need is only a short walk, or a phone call, away.

Of all the Hangzhou hotels, the Shangri La (pictured) is perhaps the most famous around the world. The name of the hotel speaks for itself, while the Hangzhou branch is distinctive for its three detached villas, set alongside its 382 rooms and suites. A favorite past time of guests is to rent a bicycle and ride through the paths winding through the hotel’s 40-acres of land, before circling around the lake.

With such a selection of hotels on offer, Hangzhou travel is easy and comfortable. Tours of China often base themselves around the east coast, and Hangzhou is a regular stop on a popular route that takes in Beijing, Shanghai, and Souzhou. While there are plenty of Souzhou hotels, the city doesn’t boast anything on the scale of the Shangri-La, so those vacationers used to their luxury will breathe a sigh of relief once they get to Hangzhou.

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