Hard Rock Macau Lobby

Hard Rock Hotel Macau
Hard Rock Hotel Macau

Step into the Hard Rock Macau lobby, and you will get a sense of what this stylish boutique hotel is all about. The atmosphere is about as chic as can be, and as you might expect, the main theme centers around rock and roll. There’s even a large rock and roll memorabilia wall, and when checking in, guests can’t help but notice the quote that is displayed on the wall behind the reception desks. The quote reads, "Hello...I love you, won’t you tell me your name!" If you didn’t already know, it’s a line from the song by The Doors, Hello, I love You.

Before Hard Rock Macau guests step into the spectacular lobby, they pass through an illuminated glass entryway that provides a nice transition from the outside world into the lobby itself. Once in the lobby, the eye is drawn to the memorabilia wall, which features guitars, images of famous rock stars and other tantalizing things. Swirling golden accents provide extra depth to the overall lobby scene, and the chic lighting is nothing short of dazzling. Adding to the stylish edge are curved reception desks that are illuminated with low voltage downlights. There is a wonderful spatial flow to it all, and thanks largely to the memorabilia wall, it can be easy to linger longer than expected in the Hard Rock Macau lobby, but guests will want to head to their luxurious rooms and get settled in, so they can enjoy the hotel's other public areas and other exciting City of Dreams attractions.

Before guests head for their rooms at the Hard Rock, they might choose to duck into the inviting lobby lounge. Comfortable and stylish low-slung chairs surround small tables in this attractive lounge, and there is a chic bar to belly up to if that is your preference. It’s a delightful place to get a drink, order some food, meet with friends or perhaps make an acquaintance with someone new.

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