Huating Temple

Huating Temple in Kunming
Huating Temple in Kunming

The Huating Temple is one of several temples that visitors to the Chinese city of Kunming are encouraged to keep in mind when looking for things to do. One of the grandest temples in the region, it is a Buddhist place of worship and boasts a rich history. The original Huating Temple was built in the eleventh century, and the rebuilt version that visitors encounter today dates back to the fourteenth century. The complex that it is part of is the largest Buddhist complex that can be found in Kunming.

The Huating Temple calls the Western Hills area of Kunming home, and among other things, it is known for its three gilded lacquer Buddhas. These Buddhas sit upon lovely lotus thrones. Complementing them are hundreds of smaller Buddhist Arhats statues that are found on the sidewalls. Other Huating Temple highlights include its marvelous halls, its beautiful gardens, and its ornate belltower. It should be noted that the flowers and trees that are found outside of the Huating Temple include several rare examples, and spending time strolling or relaxing on the temple grounds provides a wonderful respite from the busier city life in Kunming proper.

Kunming tours that highlight the Huating Temple and the Western Hills area in general can be arranged by those who are interested. Many people couple a visit to the temple with a visit to the nearby "Dragon Gate" caves, and it is also common to add some hiking to the mix. The scenery in the area is quite spectacular. This area is known as the Xishan Scenic Area, and it overlooks Lake Dian. As for other Kunming temples that are worth adding to the itinerary, they include the Golden Temple and the Yuantong Temple, to name only a couple.



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