Lijiang China

Characterized by well-worn cobblestone streets, narrow, twisting waterways and canals and old, textured trees, Lijiang China is an ancient town brimming with interesting shops and quaint guest houses. Named a UNESCO World Heritage site, Lijiang entices many visitors. Many enjoy Yunnan Province tours with a brief yet interesting stop by the Lijiang River and other attractions, while others linger on and savor the unique essence of the old town. One of the best views in Lijiang on Yunnan tours is had by climbing steep town stairs up gentle hillsides for a fantastic view overlooking the entire area.

At the confluence of the Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan borders, Lijiang travel sparks a keen interest in most tourists. With pleasant weather year round, the beautiful Lijiang River, plenty of excellent tourist amenities, like a great assortment of Lijiang hotel accommodations, and more than 20,000 square kilometers to explore, there is a great deal to keep you occupied in Lijiang Yunnan. Majestic Jade Dragon Mountain provides an ethereal backdrop to all activities and a protective feeling over the friendly community. Sunset is one of the most breathtaking times to walk the banks of the Lijiang River. With a mountainous background, a misty sky and small fishing boats floating effortlessly along, there is little that can draw you away once you arrive.

LijiangSifang Road is the main artery in Lijiang where a hub of activity hums along each day. A network of small cobblestone paths, walkways and interconnecting roads with interspersed stream systems flowing with clean water makes this one of the most interesting and pretty areas of Lijiang China to explore. Preserved as an ancient town yet boasting many upscale restaurants, cafes and eateries, Lijiang Yunnan is noted for being one of the most relaxed places in the province. Transportation in the form of buses, taxis and bicycles are the most common and will get you anywhere in the area you wish to go. When looking for good nightlife, head to the famous Bar Street where modern entertainment meets traditional celebration. If you're in town during any Chinese holidays or Chinese festivals, you'll be in for a true celebration never to be forgotten.

Yunnan tours in the town are available in a number of different packages. There are plenty of things to do in the region that can be added to your tour to customize it ideally. In Lijiang travel is best allowed for at least a couple of days to really appreciate the surroundings. Day trips to Tiger Leaping Gorge and Shangri La are popular as are rafting and trekking expeditions amid panoramic vistas of Chinese countryside. Merely exploring the town and its people is a big highlight. The Donga people, an ancient culture, and the Naxi people live together in harmony and peace in Lijiang Yunnan. They are welcoming and hospitable hosts. Lijiang China embraces history spanning more than 1300 years and features some of the most beautiful, lush scenery in the province, sitting atop a summit of more than 8,000 feet.

During Lijiang travel the best thing to do is find a comfortable place to hunker down for at least a night or two before moving on. In Lijiang hotel accommodation ranges from traditional guesthouses to five star hotels, with plenty to choose from. In the Old Town center of Lijiang hotel rooms are within minutes of many attractions such as old shrines, temples, shops and mountain backdrops. The smaller size of the town makes walking to many points of interest a fascinating journey, each unique and spellbinding. For the mix of old and new cultures, architecture, cuisine and natural beauty, Lijiang will beguile and mesmerize you unlike any other town in Yunnan.

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