Naxi Village Lijiang

Naxi Village Lijiang lies along the Silk Road, an old trade route also known as the Tea-Horse Ancient Road. It’s still a crossroads of culture, located just to the northwest of Old Town Lijiang. The ancestral home of the Naxi People of China, also called Shuhe Old Town, is home to one of the best-preserved Silk Road markets remaining. Its hospitality and shopping scene are worth checking out on well-rounded China vacations.

Like many Lijiang attractions, Shuhe Old Town has a deep and abiding connection to the Naxi People. Also called Longquan Village, this village took its name from the adjoining mountain. It’s called “the village under the summit” in the local dialogue. It was settled during the highpoint of the Tea-Horse Ancient Road, which stretched from the Yunnan Province into to Tibet. Even today, the village is home to 1,000 families and is a popular stop for tours in the south of China. It’s a quiet, charming destination, and one that especially welcomes outsiders to come and visit.

The Naxi Village Lijiang is easy to find. It lies at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain right outside of Lijiang Old Town. Shuhe Old Town is a quiet village, but an interesting place for a stroll. You might imagine yourself as a tea road traveler from the past as you walk the streets, made of flagstone. You’ll also come to Qinglong Bridge, dating from the Ming Dynasty. It’s considered the oldest stone bridge in all of Lijiang. The Dragon Pool at the end of the street feeds much of the water in the village. The resident fish never mind when visitors have a treat for them. Visitors also have the opportunity to visit Sansheng Palace, a traditional temple, and do some shopping. Naxi handicrafts are loved by shoppers, especially the jewelry and hand-knitted shawls.




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