Macau International Airport

Macau International Airport is the only airport in Macau. It lies on the eastern side of the island of Taipa and services passengers as well as cargo, most commonly passing through to the mainland, China and Southeast Asia. While are a few travel alternatives, such as helicopter and sea plane, even temporary airports for small planes, the region was first outfitted with an airport with the capacity to support commercial air traffic in 1995, while under Portuguese administration. The main terminal and air traffic control are situated on Taipa, while the runway was built adjacent to the island on a strip of land that was reclaimed from the sea.

Though comparably small as an international airport, Macau International is prepared to handle large commercial jets, with 24 plane parking spaces around the apron and four jetways. Additionally, the terminal is equipped with a scope of six million passengers, processing 2,000 per hour through ten gates. With taxis, private cars, public transit routes, and regional coach buses, the airport is well connected over land. In addition to land transportation, passengers can take advantage of the New Macau Ferry, a shuttle bus from the airport to the ferry is available with direct passage. For these types of transfers, visitors can use the service known as "two customs, one checkpoint," meaning passengers are only required to pass through one immigration detail to transit from the Macau International Airport to their final destination of mainland China or Hong Kong. Additionally, overnight passengers may enjoy a comfortable night at the nearby airport hotel just opposite the departure lounge, Golden Crown Airport Hotel.

Top image: 2493™ (flickr)
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