Mount Everest Tours

Long known for heart-stopping Mount Everest tours, Nepal has been the most popular destination from which to explore the stunning, mountainous region. The imposing mountain offers many challenging expeditions from a few days to a week and more, depending on how ambitious you are. Mount Everest trekking from Nepal offers an less challenging route than from China, one of the reasons it's more popular. Whether you wish to try for the challenge of a lifetime to the Mount Everest summit or you only wish to tackle a few of the less difficult trails that can be handled by many different skill levels, there are many Mount Everest expeditions to choose from.

China tours heading toward the Mount Everest summit are a big attraction for many more enterprising tourists. Mount Everest expeditions begin at the Sino-Nepalese border, which is also called Mount Qomolangma. The summit here is the highest in the entire world measured at more than 29,000 feet. The northern route for Mount Everest trekking is situated in Tingri, China, where huge glaciers and plummeting crevices are major highlights. The mountain settlement of Tingri offers some of the most stunning scenery of all. Mountaineers travel from all over the world for Mount Everest expeditions in this truly impressive area. Treks are one of the most ambitious and thrilling of all things to do in China.

On Mount Everest tours, there is no regular transportation from Shigatse to the Tingri settlement where the treks begin. Tourists can easily arrange a car from either Lhasa if you're in Tibet, or from Shigatse, China. The journey totals about seven hours with plenty of stunning scenery to keep you wide-eyed and occupied. About ten kilometers before reaching Tingri, the Sino-Nepal Road checkpoint comes into view. At this point tourists must have permits, which can be arranged from many different Chinese cities or tour operators. There are entry tolls for both vehicles and tourists embarking on Mount Everest tours. The fees will likely be covered by your tour but be sure to check. From this point another 100 kilometers remains until you'll reach the base camp, the main starting point to the Mount Everest summit or base camp. Here on the mountainside, the striking Ronbuk Monastery offers accommodations and food.

During Mount Everest expeditions there are several attractions aside from the actual summit itself. The history of the Rongbuk Monastery dates back to the late 1800s and is the highest of its kind in the world at more than 16,00 feet. The monastery is full of life and celebration during major Chinese festivals and special Chinese holidays. There are four distinct valleys that are main points of interest during Mount Everest tours as well. The Gama Valley is touted as one of the most beautiful in the world featuring lush forests, astounding gorges, vibrant flowers and an exceptional view skyrocketing to the Mount Everest summit. Throughout the Yatung Valley rare mountain wildlife teems and beautiful, panoramic vistas are all around. Jilong Valley is known for woodland sightseeing amid the Mount Natural Scenery Protection Area. Local culture, historical sites and other scenic views are other attractions.

From this area there are two routes available for Mount Everest trekking to the main base camp. Tourists will either trek from Tingri through Lungjiang which takes the better part of three hours to complete. The other possible route is from Pelbar through the impoverished Chay Village. This is the much harder trek and takes up to four days with some very difficult paths to tackle. There are several alternate routes you can take to lengthen your trip and relish in the mountain beauty. There are panorama hikes lasting a week and more, two week treks that go through Kalapathar, Tyanbuche, Lukla and a number of other areas and treks that include a visit to Gokyo Peak. Be sure to explore your options and choose the best suited trek for you and your travel mates. It's recommended that the best time to explore these areas is either in the early part of May or in October. Packages that include flights to China, lodging and Mount Everest expeditions are readily available for tourists who want to partake in a journey of a lifetime.

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