Mt Emei

Mt Emei
Mt Emei

Mt Emei rises over the delicate landscape of southern China, reaching for the clouds. Simply put, it’s one of the best places on earth to watch the sunrise. Its name translates to “delicate eyebrow,” and the mountain is made up of several peaks. Two of the peaks—Wanfo Summit and the Golden Summit—appear as eyebrows against the face of the sky.

Mt Emei Monkeys
Mt Emei Monkeys

This lush landscape provides a home to monkeys, lesser pandas, and other amazing wildlife. For 2,000 years, this mountain peak has been considered sacred by the Buddhists. Few places are more interesting and worth a visit than the mountain also known as Emeishan. It’s located about 105 miles outside of Chengdu and is included on many guided tours.

The United Nations added Mt Emei to its lists of World Heritage Sites largely for its collection of Buddhist landmarks. Emeishan is one of four mountains in China considered sacred, regarded as the a place for enlightenment and the home of Samantabbadra, a principal patron of the Lotus Sutra, a sacred writing that forms part of the foundations of Buddhism. The Leshan Giant Buddha Statue faces Mt Emei, with a river flowing beneath its giant feet.

The Golden Summit Monastery sits atop Emei’s towering mountain peak, and its Huangzang Temple was built during the Ming Dynasty and restored in the 1970s. It’s said that the peak is the prime place to experience a distinctly Mt Emei experience—Buddha’s Halo—rings of rainbows that seem to move with your shadow. A monorail departs from Golden Summit and travels to the Wanfo Peak, also called Ten Thousand Buddhas Summit.

Golden Peak and other areas of Emeishan are home to a large population of Tibetan macaque monkeys. Known for their woolly brown coats and stumpy tails, these inquisitive creatures often approach tourists looking for a snack and for some attention. Many people are happy to oblige and snap a photo or two of these playful monkeys, perfect mementos of their China vacations.

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