Mt Tai China

Mt Tai China in Shandong province is known to the Chinese as the leader of the Five Sacred Mountains. It is famous not only for its natural scenery, but also for its cultural importance, as there is a rich trove of relics and historic artwork to be found on the mountainside. Located in Tai'an, in the northern province of Shandong, Mt Tai China is a regular stop on hiking tours of China, and for visitors interested in this fascinating country's culture and history.

Mountains in China

Climbing Mount Tai is a joy for both serious hikers and vacationers simply wishing to take in the stunning views and cultural sights. Its main peak, Jade Emperor Summit, is about 5,026 feet high. Be sure to buy a guidebook in Tai'ai City before you ascend he mountain, as the journey will be even more enthralling if you know all the Mount Tai facts. One of the most unforgettable Mount Tai facts is that, in ancient times, any newly ascended Emperor would first climb Mount Tai and pray to their ancestors before beginning his rule. When climbing Mount Tai, then, you know you are following in the footsteps of 72 Emperors of China.

Mount Tai facts don't stop at the historical, either. While there are many cultural relics and artworks, there are also temples and sacred places that are still in use today. Any visitor climbing Mount Tai can not only spot cultural places of interest, but also enjoy the spectacular sights of the peaks, valleys, waterfalls, and centuries-old pines that define the mountain landscape. While many serious mountaineers limit their vacations to China to the Himalayas, they are missing the delights of mountains such as Mt Tai, and Mt Lushan in the south, which have their own distinctive landscape and cultural importance.

The mountain is known as one of the Five Sacred Mountains as it is part of a group of mountains associated with Taoism. These five mountains, along with others such as Wudang Mountain, are important pilgrimage destinations for Taoists. Each is named for its location, so there is an East Great Mountain and West Great Mountain, and the mountains of the Centre, North and South. Mt Tai is the East Great Mountain.

Mt Tai is one of the most popular attractions in China not only because of its beauty, but also because hiking there is convenient for travelers. Tai'an, in the center of Shandong Province and at the south foot of the mountain there are many hotels and restaurants geared for tourists. The city also has its own scenic spots, such as the picture-perfect Peach Blossom Ravine. Tai'an is also well serviced by transportation. You can take a six-hour train ride from Beijing, or a four-hour bus ride. There are also train links to Kaifeng, Qufu, and Yantai. If you can't find a direct link, try stopping off first at Jinan, the province capital. Jinan also has an airport, and although it doesn't service international flights to China, it is connected to many of the country's main cities.

It's important to think when you want to go to Mt Tai. While summer is hot and rainy, there can be some snowfall in winter, so many vacationers choose to head to the mountain in either spring or autumn time. Whenever you choose to go, the mountain and surrounding area will be busy, at is a popular China vacation destination all year round.

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