Jinling Hotel, Nanjing

Jinling Hotel

Xin Jie Kou Square

Nanjing, a city renowned for its ancient heritage of ten dynasties and spectacular scenery, has now become one of Chinas most thriving metropolises.Standing in the heart of this bustling city, Jinling Hotel Nanjing receives guests from all over the world. Acclaimed for its graciousness, Oriental authenticity and Golden Touch of hospitality it is truly the first choice for impeccable business meetings, events and discriminating guests. Jinling Hotel Nanjing has become the established symbol of Nanjing since its opening in 1983, for blending East with West successfully. Jinling Hotel Nanjing represents modern features showcased in an Oriental environment. Providing 600 luxurious guest rooms, up-to-date meeting facilities, fine dining and other valued amenities, Jinling Hotel Nanjing caters to an international crowd amid global and national acclaim. Warm, inviting ambience adds to the comfortable surroundings, exceptional service, innovative design, time-honored elegance and sumptuous style pervading every detail of Jinling Hotel Nanjing. It is here that true hospitality begins in a way that only China can share with the rest of the world, in a way that is understood and appreciated by all.