Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park in Hong Kong is more than just an aquarium—it contains a huge amusement park, live animals shows, and the promise of fun for the entire family. From playful dolphins on the main stage at the Ocean Theater to the park full of heart-stopping rides, an Ocean Park vacation is complete with entertainment, education and adventure and plenty of opportunites for great photos of Hong Kong.

Ocean Park Hong Kong first opened its doors in 1977, and each year has brought more and more tourists to this famed attraction. Its Hong Kong location makes it the perfect detour for families exploring the island, as the island has chosen to stay out of the casino business that makes Macau famous, and focused on theme parks like this one and Disneyland Hong Kong.

Ocean Park in Hong Kong is like most theme parks in that it is separated into a handful of easy to navigate sections. Unlike most theme parks, Ocean Park Hong Kong is home to some of the country's most well-loved residents. Even though it's an aquatic-based park, Ocean Park Hong Kong's most popular tourist attraction is the four pandas that live here. Located in the Lowland Gardens section, the rarity of these pandas in zoos around the world definitely makes their habitat a crowd favorite. Also in the Lowland Gardens, you'll find a wide range of exotic birds, creatures from the Amazon, and one of the funicular cars that connect the par together.

No Ocean Park vacation is complete without a stop into Marine Land, where you'll find a four story aquarium full of 2000 different fishes. There's also a separate tank just for sharks, another for seals and another for dolphins. The other major attraction here is the Ocean Park Tower, which features a look into the vast aquatic life inside the South China Sea.

The other basis for an Ocean Park vacation is the excellent rides here. The Dragon is a fan favorite, a roller coaster that reaches around 45 mph, and you'll also like the Turbo Drop, which does exactly what the name states in less than five seconds.

The Ocean Park in Hong Kong is an excellent stop on any tour of China, offering a touching look at some of the country's most fragile creatures, especially the region's famed panda bears. Though they should in no way overshadow the amazing mammals that populate the park: dolphins, sharks and sea lions are wonderful all on their own.

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