Shanghai Cruises

Cruises from Asia offer yet another way to explore many exotic cultures, experience breathtaking scenery, and discover many diverse destinations from another standpoint. For tourists visiting Shanghai, the opportunities awaiting upon arrival are boundless. With more than fifteen million residents living in Shanghai, the city is one of China's busiest, replete with everything imaginable. Shanghai's Huangpu River acts as the main transportation artery for residents, visitors and businesses. Spilling out into both the mouth of the Yangzi and the East China Sea, the Huangpu River offers a route for Shanghai cruises arriving and leaving the bustling port. Whether you've got a short stopover at the Shanghai cruise port or you're docking and heading off on a Chinese adventure that begins in the city, this exciting Asian hub is a city worth exploring if you're stopping over.

The Shanghai cruise port is situated along the banks of the Huangpu River facing the stunning Oriental Pearl Tower. With a resurgence of incredible economic development, Shanghai is a city that, as it grows, attracts more and more people from around the world. Though China's fascinating history isn't as deep-rooted in Shanghai as other, more ancient areas, the city still has much to offer. In China cruises are gaining popularity as the tourism sector adapts more and more to travelers needs. From lazy river tours to luxury cruises from Shanghai the surrounding water opens many new and exciting travel opportunities. The choices available for cruises from Shanghai may surprise the unsuspecting traveler, but with so much new business constantly growing in the city, all travel opportunities continue to grow.

Shanghai cruises are a great one-stop-shopping option for travelers who want to see as much as possible in a short time. With a country as large as China, the benefits of traveling by boat mean fast travel times with everything you need on board as well as plenty of impressive scenery along the way. Onboard meals, accommodation, entertainment and a host of fantastic facilities means an excellent and very efficient way to travel to and from destinations. From China cruises take to the water and head to many countries worldwide. The most popular cruises from Shanghai inside of China are along the Yangtze River. Xian, Chongqing, Xian, Gulin, and Hong Kong are only a few of the well-traveled destinations reached by river cruises. China sits on many agendas of people traveling in the vicinity. Many cruises from Asia, whether southeast or southwest, offer an itinerary that includes a stop somewhere in China.

Another of the favorite cruises from Shanghai traverses the vast East China Sea to Japan. The eighty-plus hour journey can be taken aboard large, luxury cruise ships that offer plenty for passengers to do between ports. With ships commonly offering facilities such as movie theaters, modern gyms, fully equipped spas, clubs, bars, numerous restaurants and much more, passing the time during cruises from Asia are extremely pleasant experiences. Visiting Japan and Korea or Australia and the Philippines are both exciting opportunities setting sail from the Shanghai cruise port. Saving the hassle of flying, with so many stops and connections, these popular cruises from Shanghai offer a unique and expedient way to visit multiple countries and get the most from your holidays.

Interesting sites, exotic cultures and colorful ports of call are only a few reasons why cruises from Asia have become so popular. From Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and China cruises can be tailor-made to fit all travel itineraries. When once most people would fly from country to country, taking to the water is more often the favored choice for transportation. Shanghai is an incredible example of growth and diversity in China and Shanghai cruises reflect the international flavor available to visitors and nationals. From the Shanghai cruise port, it seems the world really is your oyster.

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