Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland will soon be added to the myriad attractions in Shanghai, the most modern and cosmopolitan city in Mainland China. Disney recently announced plans to build a Disney Park in Shanghai, with an opening earmarked for 2014, pending approval by the central Chinese government. The company has already been working with the municipal government in Shanghai to make plans for the park.

The Shanghai Disneyland will be located in the Pudong district of Shanghai, the less developed but growing high-tech area of the city east of the Huangpu River. The Pudong district is the same area where the iconic Pearl TV Tower is located, one of the landmark attractions in Shanghai. The Disney Park in Shanghai will also likely be located a convenient 20-minute drive from Pudong International Airport, Shanghai's main international hub. Construction on the Shanghai Disneyland will likely begin in 2010, after the World Expo is held in Shanghai.

If the Disney Park in Shanghai is approved, the park will be the second Disneyland China attraction, as there is currently a Disneyland in Hong Kong. However, news sources say that the Shanghai Park will be much bigger, including a Magic Kingdom-style amusement park as well as other attractions geared to a Chinese audience.

The Shanghai Disneyland is the latest in a number of pushes by the Shanghai municipal government to put Shanghai on the world stage. This modern city is the economic center of the country, with an ultra-modern high-tech infrastructure that more than rivals any modern cities in Europe and America. There are many attractions in Shanghai for the tourist, many of them marvels of modern architecture. The new Shanghai World Finance Center, for example, is the tallest structure in China, with the world's highest outdoor observation deck and the highest hotel in the world (the Park Hyatt Shanghai). The neighboring Jinmao Tower is another impressive skyscraper in the area. Other prime attractions in Shanghai include the colonial riverside promenade along The Bund, which is being renovated in anticipation of the World Expo 2010, and the old Chinese style garden at Yu Yuan Gardens.

Travelers to Shanghai will find the city easy to get around, with extensive transportation networks including a modern subway system with automated ticket vending machines in English. Taxis and buses are also very reasonably priced. Shanghai has an excellent range of accommodations, with many international chain hotels located in the city center, as well as guesthouses and international youth hostels to suit every budget. It is also an excellent destination for world-class dining and shopping, and the new Disneyland attraction is sure to make the city even more lively and appealing.

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