Shanghai Skyline

The Shanghai skyline features some of the tallest buildings in the world and is continually expanding at an almost shockingly fast rate. There were already nearly 1,000 completed Shanghai skyscrapers at the beginning of 2009, as well as more than 200 planned constructions. Not only does the city feature a stunning array of buildings, but it also has an incredible diversity of architectural conventions.

When you see a good representative sample of Shanghai pictures, you will be able to witness how the cityscape has expanded and developed throughout generations of shifting political control and government rule. For example, the Park Hotel, which stood as the tallest building in China for nearly 50 years, is a far cry from the towering modern wonders of the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Oriental Pearl Tower. Now, expansion and development is the order of the day, and there is no greater evidence of this than in the magnificent Shanghai skyline.

The city itself is the largest in the People’s Republic of China and the most populous in the world, with more than 23 million residents. It is a global center for commerce and trade and exerts a great amount of influence on global markets. If you are planning a trip to Shanghai and wish to take a tour or simply view the most impressive buildings, you will first want to get at least a cursory understanding of where they’re located and which are the best viewpoints in the city.

The Shanghai World Financial Center is currently the most prominent of all the Shanghai skyscrapers, though completion of the Shanghai Tower, which is slated for 2014, is eagerly anticipated. The Shanghai World Financial Center is the third-largest skyscraper in the world at 1,614-feet, comprising 101 floors. Its architectural design is particularly distinctive, especially the large aperture at the pinnacle. There are three observation decks, the lowest of which is perched at a lofty 1,388 feet. This is a wonderful place to take Shanghai pictures, as you will have visibility for miles in all directions.

Unbelievably, the Shanghai Tower will dwarf the Shanghai World Financial Center when it is completed. It will exceed 2,050 feet and will have at least 120 floors. When the Shanghai Tower is completed it will not only be the largest of all the Shanghai skyscrapers, but also the second-tallest skyscraper in the world, shorter than only Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The Jin Mao Tower, Shimao International Plaza, Plaza 66, Tomorrow Square, and the Hong Kong New World Tower round out a list of the tallest Shanghai skyscrapers.

The observation deck at the Pearl Tower, which is currently the second-tallest building in the city, is also one of the premiere locations from which to view the cityscape. The glass floor is especially appealing and adds a unique dimension to the experience. This feature of the observation deck at the Pearl Tower may not make for the best option for those who want to take great Shanghai pictures, but who are also averse to heights.

There is also a gorgeous indoor skywalk and observation deck at the Jin Mao Tower, from which you can enjoy exceptional vistas of the expansive cityscape and the outlying areas that surround Shanghai. Driving through the city and arranging for guided tours are other great ways to learn about and witness this massive city in China. The skyline of Shanghai is formidably impressive even when compared to other international mega cities like New York and Hong Kong.

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