Shangri La Old Town

Shangri La Old Town is also known as Dukezong Old Town, as it is more commonly called. This is a main square that visitors simply won’t want to miss. During the day, this square plays host to a colorful market with stalls purveying goods of all sorts. This can be a great place to do some sovenir shopping or get something to eat at one of the many food stalls. At night, the Dukezong ancient city square takes on a different look. Bonfires are lit, local musicians fill the air with music, and visitors often find themselves dancing and reveling in the merry atmosphere.

You don’t have to be a resident of the Shangri La Old Town to partake in the dancing sessions that are held in the main square. Everyone is welcome to join in. And for visitors who are invited in, the experience is sure to provide lasting memories. The musicians who provide the music often play traditional stringed instruments, and whether you feel like dancing or not, it is a wonderful scene to behold. Adding depth to the overall scene is the temple on a nearby hill. It is illuminated after the sun goes down and provides a magical accent for all to enjoy. The Dukezong Ancient City Square is lined with and surround by the kind of typical architecture found throughout Tibet; it is, in fact, the largest and best-preserved ancient Tibetan city in China.



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