Sky 100

Sky 100 is an attraction that shouldn’t be overlooked by Hong Kong visitors who are looking to do some serious sightseeing. This renowned observation deck sits an impressive 100 stories above the lively city streets, and the panoramic 360-degree views are truly spectacular. Sky 100 visitors can see Hong Kong unfolding below in all its glory, and the sweeping views of Victoria Harbour are scintillating as well.

Hong Kong Sky 100
Hong Kong Sky 100

The Sky 100 observation deck is the highest indoor observation facility of its kind in Hong Kong. In other words, anyone who is trying to get a bird’s eye view of the island will be hard pressed to find a more appropriate spot. In terms of its elevation, Sky 100 sits a dizzying 393 meters above sea level. That translates to 1,289 feet. Upon arrival, visitors can enjoy the amazing views with the naked eye or make use of the advanced telescopes. These telescopes can re-create Hong Kong views, and some of these re-created views feature fireworks scenes that are aided by various special effects. There are also special telescope scenes that point out major Hong Kong landmarks.

There are several reasons why a Sky 100 visit is worth adding to your list of things to do in Hong Kong. In addition to offering wonderful views and special telescopes, this popular attraction features various exhibits that offer insight into such things as Hong Kong history and local culture. Visitors to this renowned Hong Kong observation deck can also take advantage of the resident café, and there are both exhibition and display areas that can be leased for various purposes. Other Sky 100 facilities include a guest center and a gift shop.

It should be noted that the Sky 100 observation deck is housed inside the International Commerce Centre. Hence the fact that it is often referred to as the ICC Observation Deck. The International Commerce Centre building ranks fifth on the world’s tallest buildings list and is very much a multi-faceted structure. There is a mall on the lower levels, for example, and the building’s highest floors are occupied by the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. Also of interest for visitors is the restaurant that can be found on the 101st floor. It serves international cuisine and can surely make for an interesting place to dine.



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