Stone Forest Kunming

The Stone Forest is one of the most interesting attractions that can be found in China’s Yunnan Province. It is also known as Shi Lin in Chinese. Formed over the course of millions of years, it features numerous limestone formations, many of which are quite large and resemble giant stalagmites in many regards. Responsible for carving out the many rock formations are such forces as wind, rain, and tectonic shifts. Rare is the visitor who isn’t amazed by it all.

Stone Forest Kunming
Stone Forest Kunming

The Yunnan Stone Forest is a verifiable maze of fissures and pinnacles. The scenic area that it comprises – the Shi Lin Scenic Area – covers some 140 square miles (350 square kilometers) and can be found approximately 55 miles southeast of the city of Kunming. Hundreds of millions of years ago, the area was actually submerged by ocean waters. These waters are believed to have receded around 270 million years ago. The result is a most remarkable landscape, and for this reason alone, the Stone Forest Kunming has little trouble attracting tourists. In fact, while Shi Lin might not be found in Kunming proper, it is commonly referred to as Kunming’s most popular tourist attraction.

No visit to Yunnan Province would be complete without seeing the Stone Forest. Both walkways and pavilion lookouts are in place for visitors to take advantage of, and the area also features a number of ponds that add to its scenic nature. Only one of the ponds is natural, and it is known as Jianfeng Chi. Seeing the reflection of the limestone rock formations in this pond is among the main highlights for many visitors.

Stone Forest Map
Stone Forest Map

Should you wish to treat yourself to the Stone Forest Kunming experience while in China, it is easy enough to arrange everything. Tour buses make consistent trips between the forest and the city, and area hotels provide lodging options. For those who are thinking of driving over, there are large lots to park in. Since the Stone Forest is such a popular tourist attraction, the parking lots can fill up fast and the ticket lines can be long. Once inside the Yunnan Stone Forest, you can expect to spend anywhere from two to three hours making the rounds. English-speaking guides can be hired at the site for those who are interested.

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