Suzhou Hotels

Suzhou hotels vary in quality, but as it is such a tourist center, there are more than enough accommodation options to choose from. Visitors often look for Suzhou hotels that are close to the Grand Canal and the legendary classical gardens that are the pride and joy of this cultural and historic city. Some of the best hotels in Suzhou are near to the gardens, but they can also be expensive. Suzhou accommodations on the outskirts of the town may be cheaper, but are often inconveniently far away from the highlights of the city, including its silk museum and retail stores, and its historical, stunning network of gardens. It’s best to have a general grasp of your hotel’s location, so you can work out whether you are getting a good deal, and how close you are to the center of the city.

If you’re looking for five-star Suzhou accommodations, the Pan Pacific Suzhou may be for you. It is located only about a mile away from the city center and close to the main Suzhou attractions of the Ming and Qing dynasty gardens, as well as Taihu Lake, which lies to the west of the city. With more than 480 modern luxury rooms, this hotel at 388 Xinshi Road, offers a fusion of Chinese aesthetics with modern style and sensibility. A spa, fitness room, and pool complete the experience.

However, if you’re looking for luxury Suzhou accommodations that are recognized international names, the Renaissance Suzhou Hotel is managed by Marriott and is sure to come up to global standards. The twenty-story building aims at creating a sophisticated Renaissance ambiance, while a lavish ballroom and 2,600 square feet of meeting space make this one of the best hotels in Suzhou for meetings and gatherings. Located at 229 Suhua Rd, it is near to Central Park, and close to many of the famous things to do in Suzhou.

If you want to stay in one of the gardens that have made the city famous, the Suzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel is one of the best hotels in Suzhou, and provides that special treat. This mid-range hotel offers standard rooms with the basic amenities, but is unique for its setting in a Suzhou garden, where visitors can admire the flowers, birds, and rockery while in a convenient downtown location. Located at 188 Sanxiang Rd, the hotel is only ten minutes away from the rail station, making it one of the most convenient Suzhou accommodations to get to, after a journey from Shanghai, or from elsewhere in the province.

The Garden Hotel (pictured) is another mid-range Suzhou lodging, near to the famous Liuyuan Garden, and with very reasonable prices. On 477 Liuyuan Road, the Garden Hotel in the center of the city has more than 150 rooms, and also boasts a Chinese restaurant serving local food. A karaoke lounge and chess and card room add to the cozy, local atmosphere of this friendly hotel.

Suzhou may not have the variety of world-class hotels found in major cities like Shanghai or Beijing. However, the charm of staying in, or nearby, a Suzhou garden outweighs the limited choice on offer, and tourists flock to Suzhou hotels throughout the year, to sample the region’s notorious hospitality, as well as to enjoy some of the top things to do in China.

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