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Making a short list of things to do in China is nearly impossible. Even breaking it down to merely list things to do in Hong Kong, Shanghai or any number of Chinese cities is fairly insufficient. It would take months, maybe even years, to fully explore the vast Chinese countryside—even a short tour of the major cities in China would require more time than most have to spend on a single vacation. But one shouldn't focus on what they're missing; it's what you do within your specified time frame that means the most. Luckily, no matter what city you land in, there will be plenty of things to keep even the most picky traveler occupied.

Walk along the Great Wall of China

Of course, the most popular of the things to do in China is to visit the Great Wall. The quintessential Chinese landmark, you can climb the wall at a number of locations throughout the countryside, both teeming with fellow tourists or in the remote passages, where you can wander within the guard towers with significantly less interruptions.

Get lost on the streets of Frenchtown

One of the best things to do in Shanghai is experience the city before like it was before being reborn as a major metropolis. The colonial charm of the winding streets of Frenchtown are a welcome contrast to many of the other major sights and things to do in Shanghai.

See the white sands of Yalong Bay

Found to the very south of Hainan Island, this is one of the premier beaches in all of China, with plenty of sun-kissed white sand to entertain every summer visitor, both local and foreign,

Take a cruise on the Li River

The Karst Mountains make this Li River the most beautiful scenic area in China. The 50-mile expanse from Guilin to Yangshuo is the finest section of the Li River, blossoming with rolling hills, limestone cliffs and mysterious caves before landing in the miniature paradise of Yangshuo.

Gamble in Macau

This is not like Vegas. Not really. Games of chance are serious business in Macau—there are few slot machines and negligible partaking of alcoholic beverages. So trying your luck takes on far different dynamics than anywhere else in the world, which makes it worth a trip for that alone.

Visit Tiananmen Square

Top 10 Things To Do In China
Top 10 Things To Do In China

For those who wish to visit historic landmarks, one of the most necessary things to do in China is to visit this square. Forever synonymous with protest and freedom, Tiananmen Square is imbued with a certain quiet power that is essential to any stop in Beijing.

See Some Giant Pandas

Whether at the Wolong Natural preserve a couple hours outside of Chengdu, or at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base (the largest panda reserve in China), seeing thee delightful and gentle creatures up close is one of the most edifying sights in all of China. Tourists can observe pandas in their natural habitat and occasionally they are allowed to help researchers feed and play with these endangered bears.

Potala Palace

Potala Palace, the crown jewel of Lhasa, not to mention all of Tibet, one look at the majestic buildings sitting beneath the Himalaya mountains and you'll be hard pressed to find better things to do in China than marvel its palatial beauty.

Roam through Hong Kong

It's tough to choose from the best things to do in Hong Kong. So let your feet do the deciding. A short jaunt down any street will bring a wealth of surprises—the area is so busy, a superior way to find things to do in Hong Kong is impossible to find.

Experience Riuli

Riuli is certainly not for everyone. It is off the radar a bit for a reason—it's rough and tumble atmosphere is not predicated on reputation alone, though it is definitely romanticized a bit in legend and song. Occupying the border between China and Myanmar, this is one of the most unique and essential cities in the country, perfect for those looking for things to do in China that are not glutted with tourists.

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