Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges region in China has long been famous for its scenery: towering green cliffs and the shimmering Yangtze River surround the area, swallowing the afternoon sky. But the controversial addition of the Three Gorges Dam in China has made the area an even greater tourist attraction. Just 25 miles upstream from the city of Yichang in central China, the Three Gorges Dam China is one of the top spots to visit in the often overlooked Hubei province.

3 Gorges Dam
3 Gorges Dam

The controversy is over the dam's affect on the neighboring environment. It's not just one of the biggest dams in China , it's the largest hydroelectric dam in the entire world, and its construction has displaced thousands and thousands of humans and animals, unbalancing a delicate ecosystem that has been in place for decades. As wide as the Golden Gate Bridge, and almost twice as tall, the Three Gorges Dam China is a monumental structure, overpowering everything around it. Spillways and powerhouses choke the river where the endangered dolphins used to play. Archaeologists have complained that millions of artifacts were submerged to create just another of the many dams in China. Despite some public outcry, however, the dam provides a number of positive effects on the country as a whole. The 3 Gorges Dam in China will severely cut down on pollution throughout the country. Ability to control the waterline will also prevent uncontrolled flooding, thereby lessening the effects of erosion on the nearby ecosystem.

As tourism grows in China, so does the popularity of the 3 Gorges Dam in China. The views are unchanged, even if the cliffs look smaller, jutting a little less magnificently above the new waterline. The observation tower on the dam allows tourists one of the very best views in all of China, looking out into the lush hills that surround the peaceful area. Watching ships pass through the intricately laid out locks is another highlight of a trip this China dam. But you don't have to stick around the whole time—it takes more than three hours to pass through. The Three Gorges Dam China has also increased riverboat traffic, allowing more and more visitors to traverse serene stretches of the Yangtze River, as long as you are looking upstream from the most overwhelming of the dams in China.

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