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Tibet tours open a wealth of possibility for the adventure-minded tourist in the snow-blown, mystical, and magical Buddhist kingdom perched in the breathtaking Himalaya Mountains. Some of the world’s most famous rivers and mountains, azure lakes, glacier passes, and ancient forests are found on the quest for adventure in Tibet. This primeval Shangri-la showcases amazing stupas brimming with kindly, chanting monks revealing a culture that is gentle, peaceful, and tranquil and a backdrop with scores of excursions to choose from. Whether it’s outdoor adventures like trekking or rich cultural experiences, Tibet tours offer an unforgettable journey filled with intrigue and excitement.

Trekking tours in Tibet are incredibly popular; thousands of adventurers, from novices to pros, head up to Everest Base Camp and beyond each year. Starting in Kathmandu, travel across the famous Friendship Bridge to Nyalam for an overnight stay. Continue on to Old Tingri and begin an incredible expedition to Everest Base Camp with seasoned guides. Visitors could literally show up completely unprepared and be hiking to base camp just a few days later. From professional guides to gear rental and transportation to meals and lodging, one can swiftly arrange a trip up the mountain in less than a day.

Mount Kailash is the most sacred of all mountains in Tibet. With that in mind and a magnificent lake nearby, the option for trekking Kailash is attractive indeed. Enveloped by the Himalayas, this mountain is flanked by the source of some of the Asia’s longest and important rivers; the Sutlej River, the Indus, Karnali River, and the Brahmaputra. It is also near both Lake Rakshastal and Lake Manasarowar.

Lhasa tours are another popular way to delve in to an ancient capital filled with awe-inspiring sites. Lhasa is the cultural heart of Tibet, a city to get lost in if you really want to get under the layers. The Potala is the sign you’ve arrived, the ochre and white fortress an alpine homage to times past–a sight to behold and marvel over. Though small in size compared to the rest of Lhasa (that has grown under Chinese government), the Old Town is a must-see, an small area filled with huge appeal. It is here that Lhasa’s soul is maintained and sheltered, separated from the rest of the booming city. Tibet tours through this quarter of Lhasa unearth quaint Tibetan homes, back alley chapels, meat and vegetable markets, shops, craft workshops, and pilgrim paths. The Potala is certainly sharp on the horizon but the Jokhang, a mile or so east, is like a magnet, a vision of otherworldliness, with plumes of incense rising over glowing lamps, and milling pilgrims in one of Tibet’s most beloved temples.

Though there is enough to see and do to keep occupied for months, cultural Tibet tours may offer deeper insight to many aspects of Tibetan life and explore the deeper nature of the people’s relationships to distinct ancient attractions. A classic tour would include Tibet’s major cultural centers, namely Lhasa, Shigtse, Tsedang, and Lhasa. These tours can be arranged in almost any combination. It’s possible to travel independently to each one and source out a guide or to create vacation packages that involve trips to each one with transportation and accommodation included. Almost any travel combination imaginable is possible for Tibet tours focusing on culture.

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