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Trekking tours of the Himalayas are something that every visitor to the Himalayan region should consider adding to their vacation agendas. The highest mountain range on the planet, the Himalayan Range is full of splendor, and there are Himalaya trekking tours to fit a wide range of preferences. Even the novice trekker who is only interested in a light trekking experience can find a Himalayas tour that suits their desires, and you can surely bet that the most advanced trekkers can also find their niche in this loftiest of mountain chains.

Kathmandu, which is both the capital and the largest city of Nepal, is the main Himalayas trekking base. It is also considered to be the gateway to Nepal in general, and thus it is extremely significant on the tourism front. Visitors to the region don’t have to base themselves exclusively in Nepal, however. There are also Himalayas trekking tours out of India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

While it is possible to arrange climbing tours that have the summit of Mt. Everest in mind, most of the Himalayas trekking tours stick to the lower elevations. That’s not to say that trekkers don’t have the opportunity to make some tracks in some very high terrain. Some trekking tours of the Himalayas include a visit to the North Base Camp in Tibet, for example. This base camp is situated at an elevation of 18,192 feet. That’s higher than any mountain top in Western Europe or the United States.

The Himalayas trekking tours tend to be very complete. Common things that are included in the price are three daily meals, lodging, and all necessary transportation. As you might suspect, different tours offer different kinds of amenities, and there are even some that see their guests dining on fine foods and sipping on world-class wines when they’re not out exploring.

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