Grand Hall Ballroom

The Grand Hall Ballroom at the Venetian Macau offers 70,000 glorious square feet of space that is most often used for such things as dance presentations and meeting functions. There is actually a Venetian Macau dance program that uses the ballroom for its numerous performances. These performances feature a diverse range of dance genres, including ballroom and hip-hop.

In the ballroom of the Venetian Macau, the main dancing area impresses with its stylish floor, and overlooking it is a balcony that affords splendid views from above. Ornately decorated escalators provide an easy means for changing levels, and if you simply wish to relax and watch the dancers perform at ground level, tables and chairs are usually set up around the dancing area. A stylish bar is just one more feature of the Venetian Macau’s Grand Hall Ballroom, and if you walk through the bar area, you can find access shops and other parts of the resort.

Thanks in part to the Grand Hall Ballroom, it can be a real joy to explore the large and multi-faceted Venetian Macau. The main lobby is just one more area that impresses with its attractive design, and there certainly isn’t a lack of inviting restaurants serving everything from fine Japanese and Chinese food to cuisines from around the world. Of course, no visit to the Venetian Macau would arguably be complete without also taking a gondola ride on one of the canals and checking out the world’s largest casino. This place pretty much has it all; and deserves its place just like its sister property in Las Vegas.

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