Victoria Peak

High above the glistening lights of Hong Kong, is Victoria Peak, where tourists can stand and marvel at the restless city of Kowloon at all hours of the day. Located on the western side of the island, it is the highest point in Hong Kong, rising a third of a mile into the waiting sky. Even as removed as it is from the action, Victoria Peak Hong Kong does not disappoint in fact, it is the perfect location for a family outing, or for those who just want to escape the occasionally mind-numbing energy found throughout the rest of Hong Kong.

There is no gambling here. No hopping nightspots, no street vendors trying to hawk you trinkets and tchochkies. Sure, there are plenty of souvenir shops on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, many cluttered with a random assortment of things to being home, but it's not quite as tacky as many other places in downtown Kowloon.

An eight minute tram ride is all you need to ascend to the summit of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. One of the more popular tourist attractions outside of Kowloon, the ride prides itself on being the utmost in safety—there has never, in the history of the Peak Tram, been an accident. The ride ends at the unnervingly exuberant Victoria Peak Tower, a haphazard accumulation of cheap tourist activities. Here you'll find offerings from Madame Tussaud, Ripley's Believe It or Not, not to mention the Peak Galleria Shopping Arcade and other things you might not expect to find at the top of a distant hill. Yet, here they all are. But these fringe amusements are not what brings in visitors; it is the magnificent views at the top of Victoria Peak Hong Kong that extract excitement from the crowds.

While a trip to the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong is a delight at any time of the day, it is the outlying neon of Kowloon that makes the trip at night so much more majestic. Here you can see what the richest people of Hong Kong see every night (the most expensive residential neighborhood in the region is found here), from one of the handful of tasty restaurants that are adjacent to the Peak Tower. Not only do you get the shimmering mass of Kowloon, but the comings and goings of Victoria Harbor and the entire Kowloon Peninsula.

If you just want to get a drink and take in the sights, there is plenty of room to do that on the top of Victoria Peak Hong Kong, whether you stop at the lounge of a spacious restaurant with wall to wall glass windows or one of the well-meaning bars that can be found here, you will not be disenchanted by what the evening brings.



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