West Street Yangshuo

West Street Yangshuo
West Street Yangshuo

West Street Yangshuo has a rich history spanning more than 1,300 years. It is located in the heart of the city and considered one of the most fashionable areas in the region and the most prosperous area in the city. Eastern and Western culture meet headlong on West Street, considered a center for foreign languages, where more than 100,000 visitors converge annually for world class shopping, dining, and cultural appeal.

West Street is made up entirely of marble, a classic example of streets in the south. The central stretch meanders in the shape of an S, exhibiting a wide variety of shops selling almost everything under the sun, but specializing in fashion. This global village of sorts is so predominantly comprised of international visitors, it’s often referred to as Foreigners Avenue. Bilingual signs are evident all around and most of the elderly locals speak English. The street employs all all the senses and there's plenty to take in during a stroll.

Yangshuo shopping on West Street is an exciting experience for those who love retail therapy but also for visitors who love poking around and finding interesting wares from fascinating cultures. Calligraphy and painting shops, craftwork stalls, cafes, martial arts academies, and plenty of bars are all in the mix. One can even see aspects of Chinese culture on West Street Yangshuo such as foot-binding via the tiny shoes some women still wear to make their feet attractively small. In the city, nightlife is fantastic; vibrant, lily bars and cafes fill the streets.

West Street Yangshuo is also the place to find out about tours within the area to Yangshuo attractions like Moon Hill and Green Lotus Hill. There are dozens of outfitters and local guides ready and willing to help out with gear rental for climbing and cycling, or tours of the countryside and the famous karts hills. It’s possible, and quite easy, to jet over to Guilin to spend a night or two to enjoy one of China’s most beautiful destinations. Note that Yangshuo shopping for personal gear on West Street will get you some of the best deals on climbing equipment available.

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