Western Hills Kunming

The Western Hills Kunming area is not to be overlooked when planning a trip to China’s Yunnan Province. After all, some of the best sightseeing in the region can be enjoyed there. While hiking along the mountainous trails of the Xishan Scenic Area, for example, visitors can savor wonderful views of Lake Dian. The dense forests and abundant flowers also add to the sightseeing bliss, and it doesn’t hurt that there are delightful temples to visit. Also of considerable interest is the Dragon Gate Grotto.

The Western Hills area of Kunming can be found on the city’s western side. Also known as the Sleeping Buddha Hills and the Sleeping Beauty Hills, it is a very picturesque area that is generally regarded as having a very pleasant environment. For this reason alone, it is little wonder that so many China tours include it on the itinerary. Whether you book a tour or not, major points of interest include the Sanqing Pavilion, the Dragon Gate Grotto, and the Huating Temple. The Sanqing Pavilion is built on the side of a cliff, sits nearly 1,000 feet above Lake Dian, and helps to form the Sanqing Taoist Temple complex. The Dragon Gate Grotto is nearby and features archways, platforms, sculptures, and a special room that are all carved out of rock.

As for the Huating Temple, it is among the most renowned temples in the area, and not far from it is the Taihua Temple. Both are Buddhist temples. Many of the Western Hills Kunming tours highlight these temples, as well as the other major Western Hills attractions, so they are well worth taking advantage of. For those who prefer going it alone, it is possible to take a bus from the city to the Western Hills area. From there, you can hop on another bus to get around, and a cable car is in place to help visitors get to various points of interest. All in all, a Western Hills visit makes for a great day out and is a good change from city life.

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