Howard Johnson Pearl Plaza Wuhan, Wuhan

Howard Johnson Pearl Plaza Wuhan

182 Yanjiang Ave

Wuhan Capital of Hubei Province is nestled in China's Geographic Center - Shanghai, Chongqing, Guanzhou and Beijing are about 1000 Kilometers from the City. Therefore Wuhan Serves as a Key Industrial Base and Transportation and Communication Hub - Wuhan's Inland Water Transport Capacity is Particularly Strong Ranking First in China. It is Situated at the Confluence of the Yangtze and Hansui Rivers - Numerous Beautiful Lakes and Scenic Mountains all Surround the City Making it the Largest Inland Port in China - Wuhan is the Cradle of the Chu Culture with Thousands of Years History and is one of China's Historical and Cultural Cities. The City is Usually Called "Three Towns of Wuhan" with Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang which are Divided by the Yangtze and Hanjiang river. Hankou is the Busy Commercial Center as Well as Home to Thousands of National And Overseas Merchants.