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Xian hotels reflect the blend of the ancient and the modern that characterizes this thriving Chinese city. Xian was once the beginning and end point of the Silk Road, and is full of the cultural and historical treasures of China, such as the First Emperor’s Terracotta Army and the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi. It is also a contemporary, vibrant city, which is good news for shopoholics and visitors with a taste for swinging nightlife, but does mean that some areas are dominated by modern, concrete architecture. To find the best hotels in Xian China, in ideal surroundings, it’s advisable to do a little research.

For those who want to make the most of the buzzing city life, the Bell Tower Hotel Xian is one of the best hotels in Xian China. This luxury hotel, located in Xian’s booming downtown area, overlooks the Bell Tower, a building built in the Ming Dynasty and which now serves as a central point for the city’s four main commercial streets. Situated at the Southwest Corner of the Bell Tower, the hotel offers 300 elegant guest rooms decorated in the style of a modern Chinese-Western fusion.

If you're looking for Xian accommodations that aren’t at the heart of the city, Xian Garden Hotel is a relief from the multi-story, ultra-modern Xian hotels that crowd the inner city. Located outside of the city wall at 40 Yanyin Road, Dayanta District, this luxury hotel aims to show its guests traditional Tang Chinese culture. It borders on Tang Paradise in the East, which is a theme park dedicated to the culture and history of the Tang dynasty. Of all the Xian hotels, the Garden Hotel’s traditional Chinese architecture and stunning courtyard and lake are most likely to give you that magical feeling of stepping back in time. While there’s less glitz and glamor on offer than you’ll find in Shanghai or Beijing hotels, Xian accommodations have a charm of their own.

Those on a budget will find plenty of Xian accommodations to suit their needs. Of the cheaper options, one of the best hotels in Xian China is the Shaanxi Wenyuan Hotel. A three-star member of the World Travelers Network, it is located in the very heart of the city, to the west of the central Bell Tower. The hotel offers more than 160 guest rooms on offer and the building is simply huge and it is unlikely that a visitor will miss this imposing building, with the large lawn stretching out in front.

Another of the best budget Xian hotels is the Jinjiang Inn, located at 110 Jiefang Road. This is a real bargain-basement Xian lodging, which makes up for the heavy traffic along its road with cheap prices and clean, basic amenities. Both of these hotels are roughly five-minute drive away from the rail station, and about 45 minutes drive from the airport.

The majority of Xian accommodations are in the centre of the city, which means they are walking distance away from the famous Xian museums. It’s easy to join a Xian China tour from the area around the Bell Tower, so it’s convenient to stay in the center, although those who want to get a breath of fresh air will be better looking for accommodation on the outskirts, like the Xian Garden Hotel.

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