India is perhaps among the most fascinating countries in the world. Nothing comes close to India culture, the unpredictability of its bustling streets and attack on the body's senses. While India leans towards third world poverty, dirty and un-sanitized streets, for all its faults India travel boasts some of the most magnificent landscapes and architecture to be found anywhere. The religion and culture is full of life, the people are friendly and it boasts some of the most romantic destinations in the world.

India is a country of extremes. While an India vacation offers the adventurous traveler the ultimate test, many leave having fallen in love with the country, the history and India culture. India is also an incredibly cheap destination to visit.

Packed with vibrant culture and diverse landscapes, India tourist attractions reflect the strong heritage of its past with stunning monuments and regal palaces.

Many travel the famous 'golden triangle' route between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur famed for its vibrant royal palaces and major India tourist attractions. Sites include the desert fortresses of Amber and Gwalior, spectacular architecture of Jaipur, dubbed the 'pink city' and dazzling lake palaces of Udaipur, home to countless centuries of Maharajahs. Nearby India travel to the evocative ghost town of Fatehpur Sikri can be a warm up on route to the stunning main attraction of the Taj Mahal in Agra. For a romantic India vacation in luxury, why not stay in a converted hotel at one of Udaipur's Lake Palaces.

A visit to the sacred religious destination of Varanasi on the banks of the river Ganges in Eastern India, allows you to delve into local India culture where over a sunset you can watch locals wash clothes on the river bank as funeral parlors slowly burn down the river. India travel doesn't have to be land based, an organized cruise down the length of the country on the Brahmaputra River allows you to take in all the varied facets of Indian regional life with leisure.

Alternatively India tours to the south offer a very different experience. In contrast to the bustling markets and British colonial buildings of New Delhi and Kolkata, India's south western shores are home to the laid back hippy enclave of Goa and the sprawling hub of Bollywood movie industry in Mumbai.

On the southern coast, the tropical beaches of Cochin and Chennai set amongst beautiful and lush jungle canopy are home to ancient backwaters which sustain local fishing industries. The coast is a world away from India's north with southern spice plantations and Indian Ocean beach resorts.

The diversity of India's wildlife at the Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks where majestic tigers reign supreme, meanwhile offer a unique and cherished experience for those seeking eco-friendly India travel. The parks offer a captivating Safari experience on elephant back to get you up close to the animals. You can also stay over in a comfortable wilderness lodge and kick back at night while listening to the sounds of the jungle.

India is a huge country to travel. Fortunately travelers are well served by regional international airports at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata (Calcutta), Chennai and Bangalore. Internal flights are well established. Delhi in particular offers travelers some real bargain flight tickets. There are also good connections to Colombo in Sri Lanka, Karachi in Pakistan and Dhaka in Bangladesh. Overland routes exist between India, Nepal and Bhutan and offer an opportunity for popular side excursions to India tours where you can journey into the Himalayas. Well established India travel routes connect the rest of the country via deluxe overnight buses, private taxis and the legendary Indian railway system which offers an experience in itself! India's climate varies. November-February is the best time to visit and avoid the monsoon season.

You could plan an India vacation to co-inside with a national festival. A number of annual festivals draw huge crowds from all over India. In particular the Pushkar Camel Fair in October/November, the Hindi festival of Diwali and the colorful spring festival of Holi, are popular calendar events. The Nehru Snake Boat Race in Kerala in August is another. Organized India tours will be able to tailor a visit to one of these festivals while making sure you miss nothing of the other numerous India tourist attractions.

Notoriously difficult to travel around, India overloads you senses with about every sound, sight and smell. For many, India travel is too much of a hassle. However for those that make it, it will forever have a place in their heart. No one can deny that an India vacation will be a truly unforgettable experience.

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