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There are twelve international airports in India. Not all of these airports receive flights from the United States, but they may be helpful if you choose to explore more than one region of the country during your trip to India. The India airports that most commonly receive flights from the United States are Mumbai and New Delhi. Both of these cities are popular entrance points into the country, which travelers often choose to visit first and then continue their exploration of the country. Airports in India can help make travel throughout the country easy, as many low-cost carriers operate flights between different cities. Alternative transportation includes buses and trains, where it is always recommended to book a seat in advance.

Other India airports that receive international flights include Chennai, as well as Calicut and Cochin, which are both located in Kerala. The India airport with the most affordable airfare varies by season of travel, airline, and city of origin. Affordable flights to India can be found with a bit of research, especially if travelers are willing to fly during the shoulder season. The time before and after the peak season of travel sees more affordable airfares at most airports in India.

In 1995 the Airport Authority of India was formed, and it has instituted international standards of safety to India airports. Travelers can now expect modern terminal and cargo facilities when they arrive at an India airport. This organization ensures that airports in India receiving international traffic have enough well-trained staff and facilities to handle the flow of tourists. Tourist information is available at these international airports, and in English, someone should be able to direct you to the baggage claim, facilities for changing money, and accommodations. In addition, most international airports are in close proximity to the city, and staff members can also help direct you to transportation options such as a taxi or the bus.

When choosing your arrival India airport, there are many factors to consider. Mumbai, along the coast, may be the city where you prefer to begin your India vacation. Many airlines fly from the United States to Mumbai. New Delhi, which is much more inland, is a great starting point if you’re interested in exploring the Himalayas and northern section of the country; this city is also a stop on the popular Golden Triangle tours, which also include Agra and Jaipur. If you're particularly interested in food, which is a central part of any trip to India, keep in mind that the cuisine varies greatly by region.

As in all airports, safety is of major concern for airports in India. Always keep an eye on your baggage and never accept any items from strangers. The use of cell phones is frowned upon in the immigration area, and it may be cause for your phone to be confiscated. Remember to have an updated passport when traveling internationally. If your passport is due to expire within six months of landing overseas, you should renew it before your trip.

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