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Backpacking in India offers travelers an opportunity to experience a side of the country that many will never see. Riding in crowded cars of trains, sleeping in hostels, and eating Indian food from street vendors can be a challenging but rewarding experience of traveling the country. Many travelers intend to backpack India but sometimes find many obstacles in the planning process. Overpacking, worries about lack of toiletries, and changing weather can all pose problems for a backpacker, yet each year, many students and young people, often from the UK and Australia, set off on India backpacking trips.

India hiking is a great way to see the country on a budget. Much of the beauty of India is outside of the cities, in the Himalayas and the varied landscapes. Entire trips can be planned around a hike in India, and they can be combined with yoga or other spiritual trips. Outside of the cities, accommodations and cuisine are more affordable. The mountain regions such as Kashmir also experience less extreme hot weather conditions, making visiting during the summer season more enjoyable. Many airlines in the United States offer affordable flights that can help make your dream of an India backpacking experience a reality.

Many people decide to backpack India because it is even more affordable than doing so in other parts of the world, including Europe and South America. While those are still popular tracks among travelers, the costs in India allow students to spread their budgets much further. Costs for an entire day in India, including transportation, accommodations, and food, are significantly cheaper than just the cost of accommodation at a hostel in Europe. Other people who often backpack India are Israelis, frequently after they finish serving in the army. Whether they're taking the time to hike in India or explore major cities such as Mumbai, the country has seen a significant rise in the numbers of Israeli backpackers in recent years.

India backpacking often means living without any luxuries. While some hostels in Europe and Australia may have air-conditioning, semi-private rooms, and clean accommodation, this isn’t always promised in India. Some hostels may be more run-down, but they are still a great way to meet fellow travelers and plan excursions together. These hostels often have occurrences of theft, so backpackers should take extra care when locking up possessions. Health is also a concern for backpackers, who typically eat cheap food from street vendors. Sickness from untreated water is a common problem for these backpackers, so bringing water treatments and getting any necessary shots ahead of time is always recommended.

If you want to hike in India, there are many tours that lead groups through the hills. Including backpackers and other travelers, these tours lead hikes safely and know the best locations to camp. Higher-end tours are also available, which can bring travelers to the various festivals across India that are known for their atmosphere. With options for many different kinds of travelers, from budget to luxury, all who are interested can enjoy the natural beauty of India.

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