Bollywood is a popular form of cinema that refers specifically to Hindi-language films. While it is a common mistake to think that Bollywood films refers to all movies made in India, this is incorrect. While Bollywood is the largest film producer in India, there are other forms of Indian film as well, such as the Tamil films seen in Chennai. The name originated as a combination of two words, Bombay (the former name of Mumbai) and Hollywood. Bollywood films have produced celebrities well-known in the Hindi world, and as a growing trend, often feature sections in English.

If you’re interested in Bollywood tours, you can arrange that as part of your visit to Mumbai. In contrast with the US film industry in California, Bollywood is not an actual place. Some Indians find the name offensive, thinking that it implies insignificance compared to Hollywood. Yet since the 1970s, India has remained the largest film producer in the world, making many more films per year than America. Bollywood in Mumbai has continued to expand during this time, though many consider the best period of Indian film to be the time when the country was fighting for its independence, from the 1940s through the 1960s. Films made during these years are often considered classics.

Bollywood tours will teach you about the success of Hindi films outside of India. In the 1951 Cannes Film Festival, for example, an Indian film called Neecha Nagar won first prize. Bollywood has evolved over the years to cover a variety of subject matter, from romance movies and action films to the Indian mafia. This violent trend of films featuring Indian gangsters premiered in the 1970s. In addition, Bollywood tours will also teach you about classic Bollywood stars and the film directors and producers who have earned notoriety over the years.

Mumbai Film City has been producing movies of improving quality in the last decade. A focus on cinematography and advancement in areas of animation and special effects have raised the quality of Bollywood films. This recent time period has also seen more international showings of Bollywood films, increasing their exposure. A focus for these films has been maintaining a wide subject matter that would appeal to a large audience, though some critics think that films should be more targeted for different parts of the Indian population.

There have been many influences on the development of Bollywood. Traditional Indian music and dance have become plentiful in Bollywood films. Sensationalism and complex story structures also take their cue from ancient Indian influences. If you’re interested in seeing Bollywood films on your upcoming trip to India, they are available in other cities across the country as well. For instance, a trip to New Delhi or Kolkata will feature movie theaters as well, though Mumbai, as the home of Bollywood, is an ideal place to begin or continue your exposure to this popular genre of film. Travelers who are especially interested in the cinema in India might also consider visiting Ramoji Film City, which is located in Hyderabad.

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