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India eco tours bring visitors into deeper contact with the striking landscape that the country is so famous for. The Great Himalayan National Park is a wonderful place for all sorts of adventure activities that showcase the beautiful environment, from hiking to biking and fishing. As a result of increased conservation efforts, India eco tourism has seen a recent boom. Those interested in learning more about the landscapes and flora of the region can often take advantage of guided tours led by experts. An eco tour in India is made complete by staying in environmentally-friendly accommodations, which are becoming more common in the Himalayas. Luxury hotels in the area, such as the Wildflower Hall in Shimla, are now available for those who are interested in the landscapes but desire five-star accommodation as well.

India eco tours can be designed around one specific interest, such as finding wild orchids. Flora experts can lead an eco tour in India to illuminate the varieties of orchids that grow in the forests. These tours often take place on foot or bicycle, getting visitors into the depths of the landscape to make discoveries about rare plants. Bird-watching tours, also on foot, bring travelers to mating areas and nests of India’s rare birds, and bird-watching is also common in the national parks. The expansion of India eco tourism has remained respectful of the environment, and the tours are led by people who are passionate about India’s wildlife. It is important to research when to go if you are planning to travel to India for an eco tour, as some months are more ideal than other, and visitors on an eco tour will likely want to avoid the rainy season.

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