Ganges River

Ganges River in India is one of the holiest and most revered rivers in the world. It is as famous around the world as the Taj Mahal. It is exalted in the ethos of Hindus and continuously summoned by the Puranas and the Veda, as well as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. It is the longest of the rivers in India and the largest body of water in India. The larger part of the Ganges flows through India while the rest continues through Bangladesh. Initialized high up in the Himalaya Mountains, Ganges River facts reveal the flow commences inside a 10,000-foot ice cave and continues on across the northernmost corner of the country. After its continuous flow through both countries, the Ganges empties into the Bay of Bengal.

Although Ganges River cruises are an exceptionally popular with tourists on India vacations, the greatest importance is placed on the necessities provided for millions of people. The Ganges plays an iconic religious role in the lives of India’s people. It is a cardinal spiritual gathering place first and foremost and the ways in which it is used are countless—bathing, drinking, transportation, agricultural fulfillment, and performing baptisms are the key usages of the Ganges River. This becomes evident during tours on the Ganges River, where one look at the river banks illustrates how crucial the waterway is. An endless array of industries also rely on the Ganges, including paper, textiles, and leather among many more, for washing, cleaning, and much more.

Ganges River facts fascinate and draw people in from all over the world to see for themselves the honored river and what lies in the surrounding layers. Exploring it is the main attraction. Ganges River cruises and rafting trips are intended to bring to light life along the river, but are also considered a decisive adventure has changed lives. From tours on simple wooden boats to trips aboard larger ships, Ganges River cruises are available for all budgets and preferences from companies to independent operators. Take a few hours to explore or dive in for a five or more day experience on the water. There are an endless array of vacation packages that can cover some or all of a Ganges River trip, from accommodations and tours to side trips and more.

There are many Ganges River facts to consider when planning adventures revolving around the waterway. At almost 1600 miles long, the Ganges offers incredible opportunity for rafting trips and cruises. Two river contributories create the Ganges River at their confluence; the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers join at Devprayag, creating Ganga Ma, or Mother Ganges. The largest tributary is the Yamuna River, which means there are several rivers ideal for rafting in addition to the Ganges. The largest delta known in the world called Sundarban lies at the Ganges River's mouth and is a major point of exploration for adventurous tourists, particularly The Sajnakhali Tiger Sanctuary within Sundarban National Park.

One famous route for Ganges River tours remains the one beginning in Allahabad and ending in Varanasi. Both locations are predominant pilgrimage sites with 2000-year-old civilizations. Of all sections of the legendary Ganges, these two areas are the most vibrant and interesting. Ancient temples, people of all ages, scenic countryside, and river islands contribute to the draw the Ganges elicits. Major attractions to see during tours on the Ganges River include the hanging bridge Lakshman Jhula and the iron bridge Ram Jhula in Rishikesh, Ganga Aarti (religious ceremonies), countless temples, and other religious sites and events.

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