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Back in the 60s and 70s, Portuguese-influenced Goa was the holy grail of hippie travel, with peace-and-lovers heading here from all over the globe in order to find themselves (and party hard while they were at it). Today, Goa maintains a reputation for late-night hedonism, but it's also become a thriving family destination. There's a barrage of colonial and cultural attractions here. And then, of course, you have the beaches. Whichever Goa beach you pick out form the map, you can rest assured it exhibits golden sands, crystal waters, and drop-dead-gorgeous scenery. The beach in Goa is one of the state's prime attractions; time spent here inevitably means time spent soaking up the sun's rays while listening to the Indian Ocean lap at the shoreline.

In a manner of speaking, Calangute Beach is the headlining beach in Goa. This was hippie-central back in the Summers of Love, and as a result it's been serving tourists for more than half a century now. Today, this Goa beach is full of vacationing families from both India and abroad; it's essentially the Indian version of the Costa del Sol. Another example of the more-developed Goa beaches is Anjuna Beach, which is found a little to the north of Calangute. Again, tourists abound here, though it's widely considered a slightly more tasteful and relaxing option when compared with its southern neighbor. 

The majority of travelers will testify that if you're really looking for an idyllic and deserted beach in Goa, the best bet is to continue north of Anjuna and spend time exploring the length of coastline between Mandrem and Querim. Mandrem itself is a tiny and isolated place, where you'll find a few accommodations options, some dining places, and wonderfully perfect sandy stretches of beach. It's a good starting point from which to launch off into the isolated idylls of the area, such as Morjim and Asvem.

Excellent Goa beaches are also to be found in the southern part of the state. Palolem Beach is an example of a tourist-friendly Goa beach in the south. Close by, Patnem beach is a good bet for a quieter time, and surfers may also find themselves in luck here with respect to the waves.

While Goa is India's smallest state in terms of land mass and the fourth-smallest in terms of population, it's a relatively well-off part of India, thanks in large part to its unique history. As a result, it's also a well-developed area of the country, and the incoming tourist will find no dearth of tourist provisions. Goa hotels are wide-ranging and impressive, catering both to the budget traveler and to those who like to splurge on luxury. Many of these hotels are found on the Goa beaches; Calangute is a renowned destination for vacation packages, while other quieter stretches of shoreline are also rich with accommodation and dining options.

In transport terms, getting in and out of Goa is extremely easy. Dabolim is connected to major Indian cities, with the Mumbai-to-Goa route being particularly well-traveled, while the occasional flight also arrives from destinations further away, such as London.

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