History of the Golden Temple

The history of the Golden Temple begins in the 1570's. Work on the famous monument more specifically started in 1574, and the temple was originally completed by 1604. Various restoration and embellishment projects were subsequently carried out over the centuries. These projects include that which saw the addition of more than 200 pounds of gold to the lotus-shaped dome.

The Golden Temple in Amritsar India doesn’t exactly look as it did when it was originally completed. Part of the reason for this is the attack that it suffered at the hands of the Afghans in the mid-eighteenth century. This attack led to much of the structure being damaged. In the 1760's, it had to be largely rebuilt. In relation to the temple’s ornate marblework and its decorative gilding, they were added in the nineteenth century.

One of the best ways to gain insight into Golden Temple Amritsar history is to pay Amritsar a visit. Tours are easy to arrange, and they can include all kinds of things, such as a Taj Mahal visit on the side. You don’t have to arrange a guided Golden Temple tour if you don’t want to, however. As is true of all Sikh temples, the Golden Temple is open to all people and you can choose to visit by yourself. Visitors are encouraged to stop at the information office first and then spend some time at the Central Sikh Museum before they enter the more official temple grounds. The information office provides info on what is expected of visitors in terms of behavior, and the museum is a great place to learn about Golden Temple history.



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