Himalaya Mountains

The mystique of the Himalaya Mountains has long been a draw among travelers to India, and the stunning region of Kashmir and cities such as Srinagar and Shimla are ever popular for this reason. Planning a trip to the Great Himalayan National Park, which is in the western state of Himachal Pradesh, can include a variety of activities, from river rafting and camping to mountain climbing and motorbiking. While adventure activities are a great way to tackle the mountain, many prefer to experience the Himalayas in India through the exotic wildlife. From rare orchids to beautiful animals, hiking or backpacking in the mountains allows visitors to connect with the nature and the people of the area. A Himalayan tour in India completes a visit to the country, and it is an ideal alternative when other parts of the country are blanketed in extreme heat.

Weather is a factor to consider when planning a visit to the Himalaya mountains. The ideal time of year to visit is either in June, or September and October, the warm months that flank the rainy season. During this time, much of the snow has melted and trails should be easy to follow. While temperatures of course drop with increased elevation, and nighttime temperatures may be cold, this time of year is generally very comfortable for exploring the Himalayas in India. Many travelers choose to escape the heat of the southern part of the country and explore the mountains.

The Great Himalayan National Park is often considered to be a spiritual place. A yoga and meditation destination, the Himalaya mountains are home to many tribes and monks. Many visitors arrive at the mountains not just for the landscape, but for the contemplation that others have found there. An environmentally focused destination, hotels in the mountains are often eco-resorts that focus on providing nutritious, sustainable food and were built while respecting the natural surroundings. It isn’t necessary to always camp during a tour of the mountains, as even luxury hotels, such as Wildflower Hall in Shimla, are appearing to help visitors enjoy the beauty of the area.

Another popular reason for visiting the Himalayas in India is wildlife tours. During these tours, you can see shrines and monasteries, in addition to the Indian elephants, Indian rhinos, white Bengal tigers, Indian lions, camels, and peacocks. The Great Himalayan National Park is home to a variety of exotic animals that can be seen from a jeep, and tours of a variety of lengths can be organized, from just a few days to two weeks spent trekking through a variety of habitats. The landscape in which visitors will encounter these animals is a highlight in itself, as steams, alpine valleys, and starkly beautiful mountains promise to amaze.

Affordable airfare can be found depending on when you choose to travel to the Himalayas. Many visitors to India begin in one of the larger entry points, such as Mumbai or New Delhi, which both have major international airports, and continue on to explore the northern region of the country by another form of transportation, such as trains. No matter how they get here, visitors to the mountains are left with striking memories of landscapes, tastes, friendly people, unique animals, and a simpler way of life.

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