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Formerly known as Calcutta, Kolkata is the second-largest city in India and one of cultural capitals of the nation. There is an abundance of attractions and things to do in this lively metropolis, including the Victoria Memorial, the Marble Palace, St. Teresa’s Hospital, and Howrah Bridge. Backpacker Kolkata hotels have always flourished in this city, and travelers can find them in several locations. In addition, a host of luxury Kolkata accommodations can also be found in and around town for those who are willing to pay extra for lavish amenities during a vacation to India. Residing at any Kolkata hotel will prove to be a decidedly wonderful encounter.

While you are looking for things to do in Kolkata, you'll likely find far more options than you have time for. Kolkata’s most famous attraction is Victoria Memorial, a beautiful white marble monument. Built in 1835, the Marble Palace was the private home of a land owner; this attraction features gardens, art, and a private zoo with birds of the corners of the world. Howrah Bridge over the Hooghly River is said to be the busiest bridge in the world. Mother Teresa’s Hospital for the destitute is highly respected by tourists and locals alike.

Most of the buildings, including the heritage Kolkata hotels, are designed and influenced by the colonial design of the British era. Some of the very best hotels are formerly mansions of the resident officers of Britain. Kolkata hotels offer a fine mix of contemporary and traditional influences, regardless of whether you're considering the most luxurious accommodations or in search of something more humble.

The most elite hotel groups hold places in this illustrious city, including Taj, Oberoi, and Hyatt. Taj Bengal is a marvel of a hotel in Kolkata located in the city’s greenest district; it is also within walking distance of many of the local attractions. This Kolkata hotel features modern design and traditional luxuries. Lavish surroundings and a host of amenities are available at the luxurious Oberoi Grand. Hyatt Regency, one of the most well known names around the world, sits on six and a half acres of lush gardens located in the business district of Kolkata. Guests will find tons of relaxation at the Club Prana Spa with traditional Indian herbal and Ayurvedic treatment. Be sure to check on the current offers at these hotels for the best deals.

Whether you are looking for sumptuous surroundings or a backpacker's delight, you will certainly find what you need within the confines of Kolkata, from the lovely Park Hotel to the Oberoi to the hostels and budget accommodations. When you are looking for a hotel in Kolkata, it is wise to know the limits of your budget. Travelers should research thoroughly the available options for a hotel in Kolkata, and in addition to budget, it's worth considering whether you need an airport hotel or one that is similarly close to the trains or other transportation options. No matter how you get to the city, sightseeing in Kolkata is one of the richest experiences a traveler can have, so make sure you choose a Kolkata hotel to match your desires and take the time to explore the streets of this spiritual landmark.

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