Mumbai Airport

The Mumbai airport is the busiest airport in south Asia. The full name of Mumbai International airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, and it was formerly called Sahar airport. The airport in Mumbai, like the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, is a major point of entry from the United States, and affordable flights on a variety of airlines can be found, depending on the season of travel. The Mumbai airport consists of four terminals and is spread over almost 1,500 acres. It is considered to be India’s largest center of aviation, and it handles more than 25 million people and hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo each year.

Mumbai International airport is named after a seventeenth-century emperor and is the recipient of multiple awards for best airport in India. If you want to fly to Mumbai, many major cities in the United States can be your starting point. Newark, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. are just a few examples of American cities where it is possible to find affordable airfare to Mumbai. If you’re looking for a point of entry from which to begin your India vacation, the airport in Mumbai is probably your best opportunity for an affordable flight.

The city has many things to do and interesting attractions such as the Gateway of India, as well as plenty of unique Indian food to enjoy before you continue on your tour of the country. Two different terminals handle domestic and international flights, so you may be departing or arriving from a different terminal if you decide to continue on to another domestic location, such as Jaipur or Hyderabad. Recent improvements to the airport include increased conveniences for travelers such as roadside check-in, aesthetic upgrades, and more facilities for handling the high volume of passengers.

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