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A variety of museums in India can infuse art, history, or science into your next trip to the country. The largest of all India museums is the National Museum in New Delhi. From prehistoric artifacts to modern works of art, many items are on display for visitors at this museum in India that will enrich their understanding of the nation's history. Currently displaying more than 200,000 works of art, the National Museum of India seeks to showcase the rich variety of cultural heritage of the country. Visitors are treated to examples of a variety of subject matter, including archeology, manuscripts, jewelry, armor, and paintings.

India museums are prevalent in other parts of the country as well, including Goa. The Goa State Museum also features interesting artifacts that reveal different parts of Indian history. Stone sculptures, bronzes, paintings, and ancient manuscripts can be seen at this museum, which is open Monday through Friday. Like most museums in India, the Goa State Museum has a web site which can help you plan a visit. Remember that some museums will be closed for holidays and festivals that you may not be aware of, and always consult the web site ahead of time.

Another major museum of the country is the Indian Museum Kolkata, which is often more familiar to Westerners as Calcutta. The ninth-oldest museum in the world, this museum in India has more than 60 galleries dedicated to an array of subjects. From art and archeology to zoology and botany, this museum is currently exhibiting more than one million works. A painting gallery shows a commitment to displaying the work of living Indian artists while maintaining a strong focus on the long history of the country, and a library with rare manuscripts is available to researchers, though an appointment is necessary before arrival.

Museums in India emphasize various periods of the country's history, including the time spent as a colony under British rule. Also in Kolkata is Victoria Memorial Hall. Housed in a beautiful heritage building and under the direction of the government, this museum tells the stories of the lives of men who shaped the country's history and also serves as an art museum. India museums can be a great way to beat the heat if you arrive during an especially warm period, though not all museums will be air-conditioned. Visiting a museum in India is an affordable way to get an introduction to the culture and history of the country and deserves a place on any traveler's list of things to do in India.

Other popular museums you may want to consider visiting are the National Film archive, the Nehru Children’s Museum, the National Rail Museum, and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya Museum, formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai. Whether your interest is architecture, Bollywood, art or the ancient people of India, there is a museum exhibit to expose you to more details on India's rich history.

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