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India palaces are the best examples of sheer opulence in India. Throughout your trip to India you will see a variety of architectural styles, shapes, and locations of palaces that all have one thing in common: grandeur. Whether you go to the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur or choose to visit another site, a palace in India is always elegant and powerful in size, while providing the most luxurious comforts. A major attraction in the country, many visitors travel to India with large palaces as the focus of their trip, in addition to such attractions as the museums and cuisine.

What was once reserved only for royalty can now be experienced by all travelers, as some palaces of India are now luxury hotels, such as the Raj Palace Hotel in Jaipur. India palace tours are available to expose visitors to the opulence inside, but one of the best ways to see a palace is to check in. Much pride has been taken in the transformation of these palaces into hotels, and many reserve some original furniture and décor. Even if you're traveling on a budget, it might still be possible to stay in one of these, as affordable options can be found in the off-peak tourist season. India palace tours don't have to be organized and led by a guide. While staying overnight, you can wander the palace at your leisure.

India palaces are the physical representation of a very wealthy period in Indian history. For instance, Udaipur Lake Palace is 250 years old and has been transformed into a five-star hotel on Lake Pichola. Rulers once used this cool location as a summer retreat. Now, guests can enjoy all of the luxury that was designed for royalty. India palace tours include the grounds, security measures, cuisine, and comfort that royalty came to expect. Guests are often impressed by all the marble used to build Udaipur Lake Palace, and they are also thankful for its modern conveniences such as air-conditioning.

The Castle of Mondav is a palace in India that is accessible from Delhi. Many tourist buses travel the 260 kilometers from Delhi to the palace, which has been converted into a luxury hotel by the royal family. There are more than 51 elegant rooms in this palace, and no two have the same decoration. This India palace tour is complete with an evening of folk dance, music, and the presence of camels. The best time to visit the castle is from October through February, when camel rides are available.

There are many other India palaces worth a visit, including Orchha Palace, Thirumalai Palace, Tripura Palace, and Vijay Vilas Palace, and wherever you travel in the country, you should have the opportunity to admire the architecture of at least one palace. The Taj Mahal is often thought to be the most famous palace in India, but the impressive structure, which is a massive tourist attraction and a World Heritage Site, is in fact a mausoleum, built in the seventeenth century in honor of Shah Jahan's favorite wife.

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