Things to do in Mumbai

Visitors will never be short of things to do in Mumbai, the buzzing Indian city where a developing art scene, nightlife, and dining opportunities will leave travelers wishing for more time to explore. Mumbai vacations can include a combination of Bollywood, global music, and international cuisine. As it is a cosmopolitan city, Mumbai activities also could be centered on shopping alone. From traditional crafts such as carpets, jewelry and textiles to chic boutiques, Mumbai has many opportunities to find unique keepsakes.

As a city with more than seventeen million people, Mumbai is sprawling and has many different neighborhoods. South Mumbai is where tourists tend to remain during Mumbai vacations. It is recommended to explore beyond this area to get a true feeling of the city, where Christian pockets, local Hindu culture and authentic flavors can be discovered. Fun things to do in Mumbai have more to do with experiencing the culture than with waiting in line for attractions. The excellent shopping, dynamite food, and fun nightlife is what the city has become known for, especially among young people.

Mumbai's location on the Arabian Sea makes wandering the beaches and gazing at the boats during sunset a popular activity. However, as it is home to one of Asia's largest slums, Mumbai vacations will always be intertwined with the city's poverty, as beggars, especially children, will ask for money and help. Some travelers choose to carry candy or small items such as crayons to give these children and distract their attention.


A Mumbai trip wouldn't be complete without a stop at Chor Bazaar, a maze of lanes in the heart of the city where treasures can be attained with a little searching. A haven compared to the bustling streets of the city, visitors must be especially cautious when crossing roads. Keeping an eye out for pickpockets is also recommended.


The city has continued to develop its architecture as well, from the grimy streets of the Bazaar to the beautiful waterfront location of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and the Gateway of India. Visitors to Mumbai will encounter a blend of architectural styles, from Florentine, Oriental and Moorish influences.


Things to do in Mumbai must include a visit to the cinema, where Bollywood films can be seen in their hometown. Bollywood refers to Hindi-language films, and though it doesn't refer to a physical place, unlike its counterpart in California, there are still plenty of options to learn about this major industry.


Mumbai activities should include trips to local galleries, currently showcasing blossoming local artists who finally have the space to exhibit their work. If you're looking for historical attractions in Mumbai, the Gandhi museum is a great place to visit. Set in the former home of the iconic Indian, this museum offers photographs and letters, including one Gandhi wrote to Hitler.

Things to do for English Speakers

Many Mumbai activities can be enjoyed in English, as many residents are English-speaking. Some of these people may refer to the city as Bombay, but don’t be confused' the city was renamed in 1995. Many tours have the option of being conducted in English, so not speaking Hindi or Marathi shouldn't be a problem when looking for things to do in Mumbai

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