Things to do in New Delhi

New Delhi activities are often based around history. In this Indian city, it is possible to explore different periods of history all in one day. From temples to contemporary boutique shopping, this modern city is a great starting point from which to explore India. Many flights will arrive to New Delhi or to Mumbai from the United States, making it a common entry when exploring other regions of India. Begin your trip by planning a few things to do in New Delhi, and then continuing on to see the wildlife, palaces, and beaches that draws many visitors to the country.

Old City

If you travel to New Delhi, you must set aside some time for exploring the ruins of the city. Visiting these is definitely one of the best things to do in New Delhi, these well-preserved ruins tell the story of the ancestors of India. One of the best example is the Humayun’s Tomb, built in the 1560s. The layers of history are revealed throughout a visit to India, which might also include the other two stops on the Golden Triangle, Jaipur and Agra, for a visit to the Taj Mahal. An elaborate garden accompanies this architectural marvel, and seeing it is at the top of the list for many when it comes to things to do in New Delhi.

Art Galleries

Fast-forwarding to contemporary times, there is a thriving art scene in New Delhi that visitors should explore. Your hotel or local newspaper can help you to discover art openings during your visit, a popular choice among New Delhi activities. These galleries give visitors a chance to mingle with local people, who have transformed the art scene of their city. Travel to New Delhi should include at least one trip to a newer art gallery, to contrast with the ancient history that is so abundant throughout the rest of the city.


Another outstanding aspect of New Delhi is the dining, and meals can be a combination of randomly found gems and highly recommended fine-dining options. A favorite among New Delhi activities is the nightly ice cream excursion, which can be the perfect way to end a hot day. New Delhi has been gaining recognition for its delicious ice cream, available from a variety of vendors.


Many visitors travel to New Delhi just for shopping, specifically the textiles, carpets, and quilts. A longtime industry of India, these handmade and intricate pieces are one of a kind. At markets bargaining is customary, so never accept the first price offered by a merchant. Nightlife is also blossoming in the city, so after spending a day shopping, there are options throughout the city for stopping for a trendy cocktail.

Lodhi Gardens

After all the bustle of the market, one of the popular quiet things to do in New Delhi is head to Lodhi gardens. If you arrive early, you may see yoga lovers saluting the sun. There is a café in the gardens for a snack, and taking time to wander through centuries old trees and tombs will be a memorable activity. A variety of history, cuisine, and shopping help define a visit to New Delhi, and a trip to this ever-changing city will be a memorable way to begin or end a tour of India.

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