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For travelers who prefer to leave the planning to someone else, India tours remove the hassle from organizing how to see multiple destinations across the beautiful country. Common obstacles for self-guided tours can include difficulty with transportation (as conditions on trains and buses aren't always what tourists expect for public transit), language barriers, con artists, and irregular schedules. With the assistance of an India tour package, travelers can relax and enjoy the scenery without worrying about the fine print. If you want to tour India, many options are available, often designed around one specific interest, so you should have little trouble finding one that suits you, whether you're interested in a Golden Triangle tour or seeing the country's wildlife.

The prevalence of religion and spirituality is clear in the sheer number of temples across the country. Some of the best tours in India plan out an itinerary for guests interested in seeing a variety of temples. From the opulent to the modest, temples are seen over the course of twelve to fourteen days with these popular tours. While centered on temples, tour planners also include hand-picked restaurants, markets for shopping, and comfortable and safe hotels. This removes the research for travelers and allows them to enjoy all the sights, sounds, and tastes of the country effortlessly. Tours based on a love of Indian food are also available, especially for luxury travelers. Visits to the best restaurants in the country illuminate both traditional and innovative ways of using Indian spices.

A yoga tour in India is another popular option. Spirituality is again displayed in the popularity of yoga, as visitors will see if they rise early in the morning to see yoga connoisseurs saluting the sun. This occurs daily in New Delhi, where yoga is practiced each morning in the Lodhi gardens. A yoga tour in India is a great opportunity to not just observe culture, but also to take part in it. Led by experienced yoga masters, these retreats often take place among stunning landscapes. The Great Himalayan National Park, for example, has options for a yoga tour in India, where visitors can enjoy adventure activities like hiking and biking in their spare time.

An India tour package can help keep costs down as well. While this is a possibility, travelers must also be aware of overpriced India tours. Daily costs for food and accommodation are significantly lower in India than in other parts of the world, and some tour companies may quote European-type prices for tours. This shouldn’t be the case, and travelers should keep researching to find a better tour India option. Vacation packages and tour deals that can help save money are available.

If you’re interested in the wildlife of India, there are many options for India tours. Usually spread over one to two weeks, a wildlife India tour package includes the opportunity to see some of the world’s most rare animals. From Bengal tigers to Indian rhinos, visitors will be amazed at the animals that still roam free in India. To tour India for bird-watching is another popular excursion, as rare species are common, especially in the state parks, such as the Kaziranga or Kanha national parks. Rare orchids and other plants are also seen, especially in the mountains. A wildlife tour consisting of a small group will help you to appreciate the landscape, especially if they take you out in a jeep to access locations that might otherwise not be available.

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