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India transportation allows adventurous travelers to see more than one region of the vast country in a single visit. It is important for visitors to research the real-time distances between destinations, as often travelers to India bite off more than they can chew and regrettably find themselves on very long bus or train rides. India car rentals are another way to see the country, though driving in the cities can be very hectic and dangerous. It is recommended to rent a car outside the city if you want to explore the varied landscapes of India or drive the Golden Triangle between New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur on your own schedule.

Buses in India vary greatly and improve as the prices get higher. From the standard to deluxe and sleeper options, buses in India serve many destinations. State-owned buses travel between the major cities, and as with any form of transportation in India, reservations are recommended. Some rural destinations and attractions aren’t served by the train, and then it becomes essential to use the buses. If buses in India don’t sound like a mode of transportation you would enjoy, there are many types of trains that also serve the major attractions and cities.

Trains in India are the most reliable and often the most enjoyable method of transportation. While those with extra funds may find flights within India to be an option, they would miss out on the beautiful landscapes between destinations. Many visitors to India return home with their favorite stories originating on rail journeys. However, not all trains are up to a standard foreigners may be accustomed to; in the unreserved cabins, travelers are often packed in like sardines. It is always advisable to make a reservation before traveling, and only travel in the unreserved cabins at your own risk.

If your chosen method of India transportation is trains, you have some options regarding the level of comfort. The best by far is the first-class sleeper, which can accommodate either two or four people depending on your reservation. This option may be expensive, but depending on the length of the journey, you might be glad you splurged for the sleeper car. There are also second- and third-class sleeper options, all of which are air-conditioned, which is much appreciated during the summer. These tickets often run out far in advance, so it is advisable to book your tickets at least fifteen days ahead of time to ensure you are not disappointed.

India car rentals are a less-popular method of India transportation, depending on your desired level of adventure. Possible obstacles faced are poor roads, lack of signs, dangerous driving in cities, lack of parking, and high prices. India car rentals are available at the major airports, and all companies will provide customers with suggestions to remain safe and knowledgeable about their routes. However, if you'd still rather avoid renting a car, trains, buses, and planes allow you to sit back and relax while enjoying the landscape. Some travelers also choose to hire a driver, which makes transportation personal and easy without having to worry about navigation.

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